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Hello: My name is Steve Mulherin. You were suggested as a good source. I lost my springer to cancer this summer. So, I'm looking for a new partner. I'm 71 and not interested in a puppy. I'd like to find a started dog male or female that will be a good meat hunter and an house, family member. I'd appreciate any leads. My phone number is 804 514 1393. Thanks
$94/night!! Ouch! I recall something in the range of$50 when we first started hunting that area.

I'm at the flea bag in Prescho...didn't ask the price. Only other alternative is Chamberlain.

i hunt Iowa and SD for the most part. usually just go solo with my 1 GWP. maybe we can meet up for a hunt or two, i don't like a crowd.

I live currently in Utah, but grew up in Eastern Oregon and have lived in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and now Utah. I would travel across the country for really good quail and pheasant hunting and often do.