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Dude youre from Iowa? Where abouts? I'm thinking of coming down there to hunt this fall. MN sux.
You get that whole brood count denstity thing way more then that other guy on there.
Near Des Moines. We got a few birds around. I usually hunt with my buddy he's got a lab. HMU sometime. Gavin Johnson on SnapChat.
Hey big guy, Denny Vandergriff here. I was wondering how birds doing the last couple blizzards? Seeing
a few around Carlos, MN to Fergus Falls area. Just worried some, I know they survive, but what a winter!!
Be safe, no rush on response.
Golden Hour
Golden Hour
Hey Dennis,

It's been a bit of a challenge to get an accurate guess as when the snow melts, it's a bit tougher to spot them. While there was some loss, probably a bit more than usual, I am confident that if we get a favorable nesting and brood rearing spring then we will have numbers similar to last fall. At least in the Watertown area where I am at. Good to hear from you.

beautiful dogs
I've raised Britts for 40 years so I'm very fond of the breed. Used to run 6, I'm down to my last 3.
The one in front is my youngest and I'm sure my last. His style came naturally and has the most prey drive I've ever seen. His Mom is out of Grand Junction Jake and Dad out of NLB.
Looking forward to November!!
Good luck to you.
Hey Jim. What better thing to do while looking out at this weeks snowstorm than to think about next season. Maybe starting out in SE Montana, crossing over into SW North Dakota then dropping down into SD to finish up. Thoughts?

On a totally unrelated subject, does your Nash have the folding bed into a couch option?

Powderhorn Jim
Powderhorn Jim
Hi Tom. Sorry, I'm horrible about checking my messages. We generally start in SW ND then head for the Missouri in SD.

No, our Nash has storage under the bed.
made an edit to my instructions for putting on OR gaiters. maybe it will help. sorry if it doesn't.