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Hey Ken, been missing you on the forum. Hope life isn't getting too complicated.

Take care. Someday, I'd like to talk with you.
Love your dogs!
I am looking at getting a Vizla. Any suggestions where to start?
The birds won't stand a chance with a Vizsla/Lab combo. ;). Expect to pay $1000 give or take in ND and $1200-1500 in SD, MN or MT.
Willow came from Champions Vizsla. $1500. Roscoe, SD. I would go back.
Considered Anderson Kennel. Mitchell, SD - timing for us wasn't right.
Ellie came from Doran Link, in Golden Valley, ND - just a mom/pop hobby on the side.
If you report to KDWPT ag activities inconsistent with hunting, like grazing cattle, it may contact the operator. Of course, that may annoy the operator and result in the withdrawal of the land from the WIHA program. Once in NE I encountered cattle on a piece of walk-in on opening day of the season. I called it in.
Well, you are going to love this one. NRA American Hunter for January just came out. Feature article is "There's no place like Kansas" and it is all about the deer. Isn't that hot spotting?
Prairie Drifter
Prairie Drifter
News people often have little understanding of the damage they can do by such stories. It is stories like that that caused all the deer interest in the first place. Humans will be humans though and all too often the add fuel to the fire and direct undue concentrations on areas that cannot support the resulting pressure.