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responding to your request for info on SD: there is a big public area - a former ranch - just south of Martin. it's probably very busy opening week, but it is BIG with lots of natural and added habitat.
Ive owned property at Chamberlain since 2000, Move to Garretson SD in October from NW Iowa. Glad to help if I can. I love being a resident.

if youre into the outdoors, and clean living, SDis the place to be.

If I can help, or answer any questions, feel free to reach out.

I come to SD every year hunting prairie grouse & pheasants. I stay in Chamberlain. Nice little town w/ nice people. it is the highlight of my hunting season.
Hey Ken, been missing you on the forum. Hope life isn't getting too complicated.

Take care. Someday, I'd like to talk with you.
Love your dogs!
I am looking at getting a Vizla. Any suggestions where to start?
The birds won't stand a chance with a Vizsla/Lab combo. ;). Expect to pay $1000 give or take in ND and $1200-1500 in SD, MN or MT.
Willow came from Champions Vizsla. $1500. Roscoe, SD. I would go back.
Considered Anderson Kennel. Mitchell, SD - timing for us wasn't right.
Ellie came from Doran Link, in Golden Valley, ND - just a mom/pop hobby on the side.