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Where did you get you pups from? I'm just doing research about where to get a dog. We just had a new born and we are a WAYS away from getting a another dog, but I love to research to feel really comfortable with my purchase.
Hey BPATT, I sent you a PM. My comment was too long to reply here hah
responding to your request for info on SD: there is a big public area - a former ranch - just south of Martin. it's probably very busy opening week, but it is BIG with lots of natural and added habitat. Keep in mind that SD has a resident only start date for pheasant season and a "traditional" starting date for all.
Ive owned property at Chamberlain since 2000, Move to Garretson SD in October from NW Iowa. Glad to help if I can. I love being a resident.

if youre into the outdoors, and clean living, SDis the place to be.

If I can help, or answer any questions, feel free to reach out.

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I come to SD every year hunting prairie grouse & pheasants. I stay in Chamberlain. Nice little town w/ nice people. it is the highlight of my hunting season.