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Heading back to Huron Wed - 19 hr drive. I too hunted in the heat, 85 one day. There were 4 guys, 5 dogs. Hunting around Huron for 26 years. I was concerned as dry as its been scenting might be a problem. This will be my first time when its just me, my 3 Brits. If you don't mind me asking, you focus on smaller narrower public or hunt the bigger public areas too? Thanks and I'll let you know how my single hunt goes.
I had more success in larger Waterfowl areas. Always kept the wind in our face and had a natural blocker like water ,road or open ground to stop them from running. Birds were still spread out with the warm weather and no snow. Good luck.
Thanks. Been watching the weather hoping for snow, no such luck. May be January before I get to hunt in the snow. Good luck to you.
Two things. One I also have a vizsla. The second is what county or town would be worth a shot in SE Iowa. I am coming from Indiana. I have been to a friends private ground near Alpha and just got back from SD. Looking for a shorter drive but not afraid of thick cover and hard walking.
scott county vizsla
Most of my hunting is in Clinton county. All public areas do require non-toxic shot, even if not posted. Gun season for deer is the next two weekends, so bring plenty of orange and avoid parcels with trees. Bird numbers are starting to get a little thin with the extra pressure this year, if the weather turns bad that will probably help drive some more birds into the better cover and food plots on the public land.
hey, i will be a single hunter, with 1 dog (GWP) hunting that area and staying in Faulkton after the 28th.
i usually hunt solo, but am ok with 1 more dog and another hunter, safety first and all that stuff.
grew up in mid west, used to live in O'Fallon, long time hunter. give me a shout if you want to hang out for a day or two.

Thanks. Im trying to figure out what days I can get up there. I usually stay at the Faulton Inn. Have you found a better place?
Hey, I'm interested. Let me talk to the wife when she gets home from work. Will get back in touch with you. Thanks, Bryan