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  • Good afternoon Zeb, there’s a guy on Facebook on South Dakota Pheasant Hunters page asking about a Spaniel club out in your neck of the woods in South Dakota. If your on Facebook, maybe you could give him a hand

    Thanks, chuck
    If the gun has not been reblued I will give 1000$ for it. Please don’t be offended if you feel that is too low, it’s just what it’s worth to me as a shooter. I saw you are looking at the Nebraska hunting license, I am headed there first week of January for the first time. I usually go to Montana, then Kansas a couple times. Looking forward to trying Nebraska.
    Hi George,

    Are you enjoying the warm climes in AZ? Assume you don't miss the weather here!

    Question: With all the fluff about Springers on the Ultimate site, I was wondering if you are considering this breed?

    Enjoy the winter and happy holidays/.


    Reading about yr search for a started Britt, I have a thought. I am a frequent poster on Michigan Sportsman, Lots of Brittany guys/gals on there. Also on UJ forum.

    If you would like, I could make a post "Looking for a started Britt" Male or female, age ???? Ya' just never know when somebody needs to move a really nice dog. Let me know.


    If you decide you want one of those new A5 16 gauge Brownings and decide to get rid of the one you have, please let me know. I would like first crack at it.

    I made a decision. I am going to be receiving a French Britt pup from LEtoile du Nord kennels in North Dakota. The Sire is Vern, probably the most decorated French Britt in America and the Dam is Hellion, one of Mark Dinsmore's bitches with strong retrieving instinct. It was a hard decision, but I kept coming back to the French Britts because they hunt close and are warm, personable dogs that are good in the family. I can't wait to get my hands on the pup!! Thank you for your help.

    Hi George,

    I read your latest and didn't know you had resigned your "moderator" post. Have enjoyed your comments and postings. Sorry to read about your pooch. Have sent four dogs to their rest and it soesn't get any easier. Jon
    Saw that you deleted the post on UGUIDE. I too am frustrated with them. I had pledged to meet KansasBrittany and other moderators but couldn't get a straight answer on dates. Thought I was paying for a full week, ended up a couple of days, so I couldn't justify the cost and distance for that. Asked similar questions on where and didn't get an answer. Oh well...
    Hate that I'll miss you but good luck on your trip. Let me know if you need anything. My dad and uncle live in Dalhart, so if you go through and need something, let me know and I'll have them step up.
    Dakotazeb, hello, I am the guy that you picked the 1100 up for last year. We are headed back to south Dakota this year the second week of December. We took the plunge and are going to try Uguide's Meadowcreek property. Maybe we can meet up and talk dogs and birds on the way. My dad is coming this year and he will be hunting with the 1100 you rescued. Hope you are doing well and thanks again.
    I was told you live around Watertown, my family and I are heading up that way this weekend, and I was trying to find a hunting report for that area west to Clark. This is only our second time to go Pheasant hunting and can't hardly wait till Sat. morning to leave.
    Hi George,

    How is your fall going? Able to get out and chase the roosters?

    On another note: wondering if you have read the"need my head examined" thread?
    it's a bit offensive, don't you think?

    Kind of think this charity hunt guy could use a little check out--something just seems not right with this--dc
    Hi George,
    Can you tell me a good place to eat in Watertown? It sounds like you weren't able to get shells yet right?

    I was fishing around for info of Chuck Vande Hei Brittanys and ran accross "Dakotazeb". Do you have an opinion about his dogs? I would appreciate any info you can pass on.
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