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  • Hello from Sarah Rule, sorry it has taken a bit to contact you. My hunting season is over till next year... surgery on my right tibia for broken hardware removal put me off hunting. The raccoon will be my last casualty for the year. I wish you well as you enjoy snow tracking and working dogs while not worrying about heat exhaustion. Good luck and we shall have to work on next year for a hunting meet. Obie and I hunt only public lands at this point. We had good luck south of Morris and northwest of Marshall this year. I would love to get out again, but am under strict orders of no running or jumping. All of these things seem to occur to me while out on our public lands. Sarah Rule
    Thanks for reading my post! Love the pics of you and your dogs!! If you care go to Elkhornlake Hunt Club Bucyrus,Ohio and in guides section there is a picture of me and my goldens! Both dark red! I am training a 5 mo old pup I bought in Minnesota right now! Thanks again and good hunting!!
    Sorry for the delayed response, didn't see your message. Our first day of hunting will be two weeks from today on the 27th. We will hunt for 6 days. We pay to play as well. We used to go to Winner, South Dakota but they priced us out of that area. Not regrets in moving to Regent, we never have an issue with shooting a limit every day we are there. We hunt SW of Regent, we found a rancher that has plenty of land so we don't have any issues finding birds. We stay in Regent at the Castle. When do you go out there? We are from northeast WI.
    Jon that dog gets training every day from his owner who is an older gentleman and he is doing phenomenal! His owner can't see very well at long distances anymore, but he keeps sending me video's of what he is working on.Right now with a handler who could see he would be doing senior and master hunt tests. He has finished him through Juniors early on and now it is just training for fun!
    Goldenboy, you and i are of the same breed my friend. He is out of Flambeau Retrievers here in MN. I come from a family that has always had Goldens and I will be continuing the tradition. Field Goldens are a passion of mine and one I hope to expand upon as time goes by. We may need to connect as my boy is now 7 and I'll be looking to bring another into the family before he gets too old. He's a hard running, fine nosed, aggressive (to a fault at times) and athletic hunter and he and I have a special bond.

    My opinion of Flambeau is mixed. Trigg, my boy, is a great hunter and I'm very happy with him. That being said, we've spent a small fortune on him trying to keep him healthy with the vast majority due to skin issues (hot spots, allergies, yeast infections, etc.) Needless to say, going into the next pup, we'll be much more diligent. Fortunately, he's happy and so are we.

    Let's stay in touch. I'd love to hear how things are going with your pups.
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