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  • COKID, were you still hunting the SE on the last weekend. My Pueblo buddy and I went NE up north of Burlington. Ended up with 4 birds and 1 lost. Saw lots of birds but most flushed wild.
    COKID, yeah I have an old AF buddy who lives in Pueblo West and we have hunted doves, p-dogs and coyotes around Springfield and Campo. I'm thinking of coming up and meeting him in Pueblo one more time before end of January for a pheasant hunt. Can you give me an idea of where you found all those birds? I know we stopped hunting out there 2 years ago because it was soooo dry. I recall there were some WIHA right on the border north and east of Springfield that held grain (back then). Not sure about now.

    I wanted to PM you about SE Colorado. I have a friend who has invited me to come down to the Campo area before the end of the season. Wondering if you were in that vicinity or a different area? Is there snow cover down there now?

    Thanks, Doug (aka double trigger)
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