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Whats everyone wearing for boots while stomping across the prairies? I am looking for a waterproof, long lasting, and most important, comfortable boot.


May have to be a little more specific on your question—
There is no one boot that will fit all occasions—
I know I have pairs from—browing—danner— meindle— and rocky—and more than one style of some brands-
But one of the reasons is I hunt just about every day of the season until Dec. at least so temps. vary a great —I also almost never wear the same pair two days in a row to let them dry-

If I could only pick one pair or style however it would be :
Danner Pronghorn or sharpetail—or meindle—JMO


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The cabellas branded boots have a lifetime guarantee against defects. Stitching is the first thing that goes bad for me. I've had a pair of there mendel ultralights for a couple of years. They are comfortable and give pretty good support.
I wear Maine Hunting shoes. I have two pair, one is the original from LL Bean and the other is a Lacross knock-off. These boots have rubber bottoms and leather uppers.

I have replaced the original orthotic inserts with custom inserts for my plantar fasciitis.

With these boots, I can walk many miles each day and keep my feet reasonably dry.

Like david0311 said, I keep two pair so that I do not wear the same boots each day.

I do not understand why but these boots last longer than any leather boot I have ever owned.
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I second the Danner Pronghorn, I have the model with 400g of insulation. I picked mine up for $180 and they're still in good shape going into season three.


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I like Irish Setter boots as they seem to fit me better. Currently have a pair of their Havoc Upland boots. Extremely comfortable. Irish Setter has come out with a new boot called the Ravine that I'd like to try on.


Danners. I like mine as uninsulated, my feet dont get very cold. However, if needed a pair of good wool socks will be enough and I can go to about 20 degrees with that setup.

Cold stuff, gotta go with my Rockys with 1000 gram. But for heavens sakes, dont wear more than one light pair of socks with them.


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My first pair of Danner Pronghorns were great, except the toe wore through the leather after miles of busting through CRP sections. I got the next generation of Pronghorn with the rubber toe caps, the toe held up and the boots look fine after a few years, but they're no longer waterproof and never were as comfortable as the originals. Danner has since changed them back to more of the original, but I doubt I buy another pair.

I wear a pair of USA made Danners, forget the model, they're all leather with the airbob sole. They're comfortable and dry.

Next production boots I buy will be the Meindl Ultralights.

Have a gift certificate for some Russell Mocasins, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

For dry conditions, I just as soon wear my wedge sole moc Toe Thorogood workboots. The most comfortable shoes I own.


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Last year I bought a pair of Kenetrek boots. They did have a little bit of a break in period, but they are now by far the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. Another down fall is the price, but I am hoping that they last many seasons.


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i'm in the same boat, i have some irish setters but they're better suited for late season hunts, would be nice to find a lighter, waterproof, un-insulated boot for early season


I second the irish setter havocs for a good early season boot. They feel like you are wearing a cloud on your feet.

Sounds weird but later season I wear my un-insulated muck boots with wool socks and my pants tucked into them. keeps my feet really warm and they are light enough to go clomping around through the thicker cover.


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For those that are wearing Irish Setters, at least for the past 5-10 years or so, how are they holding up? The reason I ask is that all Irish Setter brands are made in China and even many of the Red Wing brand (which are assembled in USA) are made from Chinese materials. I've had many bad experiences with products made in China when it comes to quality. The Irish Setters made now are nothing compared to what my dad or grandfather wore way back when. The last Irish Setter boots I bought was about 15 years ago, we'll.. lets just say I was less than impressed.


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I have had no problem with any of the Irish Setter boots I've owned holding up very well. But like every other brand of so called "waterproof" boots that I've ever had they do leak if subjected to longer periods of wet grass or wet snow. I've found the same to be true of Danners, Rocky, Keen and others with Gore-Tex or a similar waterproof membranes.
I'm trying something new this year, adding a pair of Carolina work boots to my boot arsenal. Local shoe shop sells them, they're american made and high quality. If anybody interested I can share the model #. I have wore a similar model for work with great success. I do rotate boots daily and wear danners, irish setters and cabelas brands.


I have Danner Pronghorn, Danner Sharptails, and a pair of Cabela’s Guide Gear boots. The Cabela’s are my favorite. Over the years they’ve worn like iron and are very comfortable. After that I found the Danners to be the most comfortable and longest lasting.

I hit my boots with Sno-Seal every year before the season starts and have very little issues with wet feet.


Buy a boot dryer and you’ll like all your boots a lot more. Wear poly liners under your socks in warm and cold weather. I sold most of my guns and bought more boots.
Dry weather go to boots-Irish Setter Havocs and Keen Targhee mid hikers, Both incredibly comfortable.
Wet weather boots-Muck Uplanders and Muck Wetlands
Boots are a lot like guns. Personal preference more than anything. A lot of good stuff out there.


Depending on the conditions I wear Cabelas moccasin toe leather. Danner Sharptail's or La Cross Grange boots. All un isolated. If those won;t be warm enough I stay in the shack !!