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  • Yes, I still use the Ivermectin monthly. However, I no longer use the .1 cc per 10 lbs as that is waaay.. to much for simple heartworm prevention. I may use the .1 cc per 10 lbs couple times a year to prevent other parasites, but now I have gone to .1cc for each dog per month and that is still more than you would get using Heartguard.
    Are you still using the Ivermectin for heartworm prevention?
    I'm assuming it is the 1% solution if at the .1 cc per 10 pounds of dog weight.
    Birdshooter, why aren't you joining us on Saturday for our hunt up at Sand Pines in Avon? It looks like a fun time. Check out the details on the UPH hunt thread.
    Went for a puppy play date with the one you liked so much! He is much lighter in color now!! Mine are doing great!!!!

    last year I just did endurance and obedience training on WMA's in scott county.
    This year I'm looking to get him to stop creeping or relocating on his own when the roosters are moving. He has a tendency when the birds move to get in a little to close and cause a flush. When he's pointing a bird he will not respond to the whoa command. So I would like to work on that. I would also like to work some on getting him to honor another dogs point as well.
    Your dog is gorgeous and has a nice looking point.
    What part of Minnesota do you reside? I'm looking for people to train with. I have a GSP that will be 2 next month.
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