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  • Will do --but will be guiding full time at high end lodge near Pierre this year will be heading out on sept. 25 or 26th--will you be around Watertown at that time--dc
    Already on top of it. I was questioning it myself. The web site does seem legit and they have a Pheasant Hunt listed, just no details on it. I'll keep watch and also let the other mods know. Thanks Dave. If you need a hunting partner any time you are in SD this year let me know. I have nothing lined up and there are no birds around here. I'm heading with Elle to another NSTRA national trial the 3rd week in Oct. It's the Dog of the Year trial in Amo, Indiana. 192 dogs entered.
    Great good luck with her she is a sweet little dog---Backing off on trials some--need more time for fishing and grand kids--will be guiding full time this year at a high buck place near Pierre--going to give it a try any way---regards --dave
    Hi Dave, it's been a busy summer and July will be no different. Debating on whether to enter Elle in one of a couple national trials coming up in Sept and Oct. Have to decide soon. She was "High Point Dog" in our region this year and is one 1st place finish away from her NSTRA Championship.
    She seems just fine. I'm letting her run pretty hard for 30+ minutes every other day and I see no signs of recurrence. I'll be ramping up her intensity and duration of exercise over the next three weeks preceding our first field trial. I'll just keep monitoring her urine. I think she should be just fine.
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