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    Wild chukar in Eastern SD

    These birds are with little doubt a successful hatch from birds released in 2016 while training pups in my 'BACK 13". Found the first dead on my porch after it apparently flew into the exterior wall. It was warm and limp. Put it in the freezer for future training , walked back out the front...
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    Needed---2-4 Hunters for SD opener west of Aberdeen

    Group of 4 cancelled do to moose hunt conflict. Looking to get to 11-12 total at 7-8. We have 9 excellent Pudelpointers coming but all dogs welcome. Varied cover and ground. Most who will be there have hunted it 3-5 times in last few years so we know the ground. Older gentleman or ladies who...
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    Cover of NAVHDA mag

    One of my pups featured in this month's issue and a breeder's award too! Did not know a thing about it until I oped the mail box.
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    Pudelpointer buyers beware

    Due to supply nowhere meeting the demand for Pudelpointer pups, be sure you purchase from a reputable breeder who has tested his dogs with NAVHDA, and xrayed the hips prior to breeding. There are at least two new breeders who are essentailly puppy mills, breeding any female to any male. The gene...
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    Sd season to date

    I HAVE HUNTED 14 DAYS AND HAVE "HARVESTED" 34 PHEASANTS AND 9 DUCKS. CONCERNED THE DUCKS WILL MOVE THRU QUICKLY WITH THE COLD SNAP. THE PHEASANTS WILL BUNCH UP IN THE THICK COVER. Have hunted from Gregory to Leola and lots of spots in between. Northwest SD next. Hopefully the wind will go down...
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    Brood sighting in SD

    Saw a rather mature brood fly across the road this AM. My scouting is showing up a few more birds.
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    Bravo Missouri

    Good job on kicking the Feds out. Now you all you need is to get a new rodeo board or director at the State fair!!!
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    Latest on Hatch from SD

    Road trip last Friday from Sioux Falls to Aberdeen. Saw a few before sundown and was in an area where I was amazed to see a lot of CRP and the birds were on the road. I was suprised to see how young the chicks are across the board. Only one group was what I would call avg for age/size this time...
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    First chick on the place

    Was airing the house dogs out this AM and Mazzie went on point about 50 feet from my west wall. Ahen broke out followed by one chick less than three weeks old. I got the dog out of there as hopefully there were more chicks and the dogs will snatch a little one. Late hatch. Saw some good sized...
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    Snow ticks.

    3 inches of ice and 7 snow in the yard and the wife pulls a tick off a dog. Never before and how did the damn thing get on top of the snow?
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    Coon Fever

    Well my male has contracted coon fever. They get paralysis, mostly rear legs and it takes some time to heal. Meds have little effect. I have had one dog get it before, three times and he did not recover the third time. I mention this because there are coons all over the place in SD if you are...
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    Four Year old Pudelpointer--fully trained.

    This dog is from my 2008 Breeder Award litter--I have not seen her since the day she left my house, but the party that bought her is a professional trainer. Says she hunts, retrieves, pheasant great, just does not get to the quail before his pointers do. At $1,500 she could be a bargain. Can be...
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    Seeing more birds. SD

    Now that the crops are coming out we are seeing more birds. Dogs put up two roosters this AM in backyard, one old one young by all appearences(and cackles). I saw several on my travels Tues.. Some were "almost" in Minnesota. Also seeing more deer and alas, coons and skunks moving. Be prepared...
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    Wow! On the way home Friday night I saw 7 young but already colored roosters 1/8th mile east of my house. Will be in my backyard this fall as nowhere else to go after the crops are out. I thought I downloaded a pic sent me yeasterday of one of my pups and a pile of ptarmigan shot in Alaska...
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    To Benelli-Banger and all members in Duluth---Hope all is well and car not in sinkhole. :(