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  • Hi buck

    Two of us are headed out on 09-13. Are you able to hunt with us around Mitchell before we go north. Justin
    Sorry, been off deployed and stuff. Yes. Louie is my dad. I will be heading back for deer season and some pheasant hunting. don't get on here much because the pheasant hunting here in Colorado is like deep sea fishing in Arizona.
    Uncle Buck ;

    Thank you very much for providing me such a detailed overview. A bit about my situation:

    I am 45 years old; fished forever but only started hunting 4 years ago.
    I am now a passionate bird hunter. I have earned two tags this fall (pronghorn and deer).
    We adopted an amazing Grand River Lab 3 years ago. He has and continues to teach me how to hunt. Pride will be 10 in October, so we are now starting to investigate who will be the next member of our family.
    I have two boys (8 and 6). They will go through Hunter's Safety at 10, and will join me in the field soon after.
    We are interested in evaluating both a puppy and a started dog.
    Our dogs (11 year old lab, not a hunter), sleep in the house. They have and will always be loved.

    We do not know anything about Pudelpointers. We would welcome an opportunity to learn about the breed from you and your family.

    (617) 306-7645 (m)
    I appreciate the offer and the consideration, but my wife and I were talking and she wants a Female I think she is tired of being out numbered in the house. So we were thinking maybe in fall if you can give me some information about your sons litter if it is not spoken for already again thanks for the consideration keep in touch.

    Mark J
    Ok Thanks
    maybe I can get the family out this summer and stop by to see your dogs if thats ok with you ?
    Hey Uncle Buck are you still breeding ?? if so do you have a website I think I got my wife talk into a PP
    Glad to hear birds are doing ok...we are in the boredom days around here also...in ky...had 6 inches the other day and expecting 6 more tomorrow and Monday.Big wet snows arent bad on quail...they can find some honeysuckle and stay for a day or two and make it. I saw 6 different groups of turkeys today...stuck out like crazy on the snow. Other than that...everyone is sitting around waiting for UK basketball games.
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