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    Todays the Big Day!!

    After two years of not having a pup, even took a year off from hunting after loosing my first GSP well the wait is over. Today I go pick up my new GSP puppy, 9:00 am cant get here fast enough, I have gone out to see my little guy 5 times since his birth I haven't been this excited since I was a...
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    Honey Hole

    Yes you read that right i want to know where your honey hole is, Growing up in Kansas my dad always made it a point to support the local small businesses whenever we went hunting and I have continued that tradition as an adult. I rarely pack a lunch and try to get my snacks and fuel at the...
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    Dont Call it a Comeback

    So after almost a two year hiatus from chasing birds I will be returning to the fields on tomorrow. I couldn't handle going out opening weekend but I cant wait much longer either lol. Almost a year and a half ago I had to put my dog down as many of you may remember, theres a tribute to him...
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    Saying Goodbye

    Today I had to say goodbye to my best friend. Renegades HighStylin Chief, Chief for short, I was blessed to spend five seasons chasing pheasants with him out front and making many memories that will last a lifetime. Today I had to place my own selfish desire to spend just one more day with you...
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    Mud River Kennell Cover XL $50

    Hey guys i dont have this and im not sure if its still available. i was messing around on craigslist and saw this and thought of my brothers on the site. I have had one of theses and they are well worth $50. If interested and if I can be of any assistance let me know and I will do what I can to...
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    How do you scout out your hunting areas

    Just wondering, how do you scout out your hunting areas,Map recon, physical reconnaissance or do you use google maps? I personally prefer to get out on the ground when possible but at the very least I will look at a map preferably an aerial picture of the area.
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    Recommended Shots

    Ok not sure if this has ever been asked I tried searching old threads and got tired of looking :) So what shots do you all get for your dog anything different than the normal stuff or are there specific shots a hunting dog needs? Thanks for the help as always. Rich
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    Point Flush Shoot

    So I am just curious why are GSP's not trained to flush? Ok so I am sure that is a real rookie question but I was thinking 1. GSP finds bird 2. He now locks up on point and stays steady 3. I give him some wild command and he flushes the bird 4. I shoot and either miss or if I am lucky knock it...
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    Dog Vest and Boots

    Just wondering if the two above mentioned items are must have's for my dog? As this is our first year out I don't want to need something and not have it i.e. dog boots or a good vest. Another small concern is sizing, he will be one in about 3 weeks but I swear he is still growing like a weed so...
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    Wanted Youth 20 ga.

    Hello all I have friend who is looking for a youth 20 ga. for his son. He has planned the father son hunt of a lifetime in SD before he leaves for Afghanistan and I told him I would post on here and see if someone might have one for a reasonable price. Thanks Rich
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    Military Free Membership

    Hello all just wanted to share some info although it doesn't apply to all I figured if it helped one hunter then it was worth the post. I found out that a couple of the Hunt clubs here in the Denver metro area offer FREE membership to military all you need is your ID and they waive the initial...
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    How BIG is to BIG

    So I have a youthful GSP (8 mo)that likes to venture pretty far out when we are in the fields training he runs pretty big. Is there a such thing as a dog that hunts to far out or is it more of a hunters preference. I guess my real concern is I don't want to reel him in and hurt his confidence...
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    Dead Bird training

    After reading the post on finding downed birds I was just wondering how everyone taught their dog to find a dead bird or in some cases a wounded bird? Any training tips. (8 month old GSP) Thanks
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    Chasing Birds

    When do they realize they cant catch the birds and stop chasing or should I be training him not to chase? Oh yeah I have a 10 month old GSP Thanks Rich
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    Vet Bill

    So my buddy was feeling a little down and had some weird yellowish green goo coming from his "manhood" so I decided I'd better take him into the vet he had also stopped eatting like normal and tossed and turned all night for the last couple of nights. Since we recently had a German Shepherd pass...