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  • Rich, try that thread in the bird training forum. My older brother lives in Wichita also!!! How is Chief doing? Bleu hopefully was successful in her breeding last week. Time will tell! Thanks, Chad
    Welcome to the GSP world. these dogs are a dedicated dog like youve never owned before. im glad you got him at a very young age. he will be your best dog. believe me, i got mine at 4 months old and he was attached to me like it was meant to be. you could not asked for a better dog. they are loyal, they are hard workers, they are the best pointer you can get. enjoy and your hunting days are gonna be more amazing.
    Good to hear from you! I thought maybe something happened to you or perhaps I had somehow offended you...I'm so sorry to hear that you got hurt & things did not work out too well with training school, but I do believe alongside your parents that EVERYTHING happens for a reason & God has a purpose in it all (although it is no easier for me to deal with than you when it is my life that is being tested or my plans in question)! :)

    I hope we get to hunt together next year! Some off-season fellowship would also be nice. I saw on a thread that you were interested in several people getting together over sporting clays and/or a release hunt, so maybe then...Great to hear about your new pup! Please keep in touch & don't be a stranger! ;)

    Just got in late last nite from a missions trip to Africa - spending some QT with my wife, gotta run for now...

    Be Blessed,
    Roger Hayslip
    610-737-8711 (cell phone)
    Looks like you found a gorgeous GSP. I like the pics in the album. Let me know if you ever have any questions on training. You asked about standard commands; I would start with come and work on others after he has that down.
    Carl Sax is out at Kiowa Creek, Jeff or Russ out at Valhalla. Both are just east of you 30 minutes. Chad
    hey how it going? dogs really need to fit you your lifestyle. i like german shorthairs because they are and all day dog and never quit. but they are hyper in the house, but i'm ok with that. it all depends on if you have kids too, they need daily exercise like any dog. hope i helped a little bit. as for ks i hunt the hill city area and have pretty good luck. its about 4 hrs from denver
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