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    2016 sandhills grouse

    My hunting partner bought into a lease last year. As such, my annual sept trip west will be solo. NE has been on my bucket list for years. The fact that it's closer than the Dakotas and I'll be driving by myself, has finally prompted me to make this year the year I visit the Sandhills. Looks...
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    iowa sportsman's atlas - back roads and outdoor recreation

    the link on the iowa dnr site seems robust. very useful tool for planning a hunt. i'm using it to plan my new year's party! that said, i love an atlas and don't have one for iowa. i find the delorme to not be very user friendly. as such, i always look for an alternative and came across the...
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    The comment in another thread about overseeding got me to thinking.... I frost seeded a 5 acre plot a year ago March 10 with the PF Prairie mix. Some of the wild flowers took off, but none of the grasses. I mowed it as directed throughout the summer. This Spring I have a thick blanket of...
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    Anybody dealt with popple reforestation?

    We are working on returning an 80 acre parcel to a native prairie. The ground used to be farm land but hasn't been tilled in nearly a decade. Reforestation has taken over on one corner (about 5 acres) and we have rather dense popples, about an inch in diameter and 5-10 ft tall. Short of...
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    Frost seeding NWSGs?

    I was poking through the PF habitat guide the other day and noticed that they seperated out switchgrass as the only NWSG that should be frost seeded. Can anyone tell me why the other NWSGs don't lend themselves to frost seeding?
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    Sandhills dove?

    I'm in the process of putting together an early Sept trip to the Sandhills for sharpies and chickens. Due to the heat, I am considering spending some of the afternoon shooting AT doves over the stock tanks while the dogs rest. Being from MI, a state so backward that the dove is protected...
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    2012 sharpie/chicken opener dates?

    Greetings all, My wife and I are expecting our 3rd child in July. As such, my anual hunting trip is going to have to be in mid to early Sept this year while she's still on maternity leave. Once she goes back to work, my world is going to get real busy real quick.... That means pheasants are...
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    Independence, KS - Dog friendly lodging?

    Looking to crash a night or two in or near Independence. Any chance somebody knows of a pooch friendly place?
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    I like this pic.

    With pheasant numbers being what they are here in MI, I do a lot more grouse hunting than I do pheasant. Still, I have a soft spot for hunting pheasants on the family farm. My pointer had a bit of an accident and is on the DL for now. Being short on dog power, I have taken the last few days...
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    Sorghum-Sudan hybrid broadcast experiment

    So, what do you guys thing the chances are that this might work? I recently gained access to a little pot hole that has potential. With more time I will be able to properly develop it. But here I am at the 11'th hour... The place is wet. Our dry June/July has been replaced by monsoons. No...
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    PF Diverse Prairie Mix and Switch? with pics.

    Gents, I prepped both of these fields the same way. Burned them down with RU last June, disced and cullipacked it. Hit it with RU again in Sept. On March 13 I frost seeded it. We have had a VERY wet and relatively cold Spring. It has only warmed up in the last 10 days or so. In one...
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    Anybody ever broadcast sorghum?

    Last year I drilled some sorghum in next to an established NWSG plot. The results were awesome. The birds flocked to it come Dec. One thing I noticed though was that the birds ran it like they would rows of corn. It would seem to me that broadcasting the seed would not only create a more...
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    Advice for OOS'ers hunting KS, my 2 cents

    We pulled out of Lansing, MI at 5:00 Thurs night. By 8:30 the next morning we were checked in to a one-room cabin at one of Kansas’ state parks. By 10:00 we had the dog on the ground. Hunted the rest of Thurs, all day Fri, Sat, Sun, and was back on the road for home by 6:00 Mon morning. Tough...
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    Dog friendly lodging near Beeler?

    Anybody have any suggestions? Really anything between Dighton and Ness City would be fine, maybe a bit further S. Modest and "small town style" accommodations are preferred. Camping isn't out of the question (in some regards, I would actually prefer it), but from what I can tell, there...
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    Downloading the WIHA maps to a Mac?

    Has anybody done this? I'm getting a "mounting failed" message. I would like to put the maps on my Astro, but need to get them on my puter first. Anybody? Help!