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    Franchi Instinct L 12ga 26" Barrel ****SOLD****

    Can you send me pics? 612-232-7188.
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    Why hasn’t the brood report been posted?

    I'm headed to North Central Kansas mid Nov. for a week. 1st timer, can't wait.
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    Repeat last years great hunt

    Well I am headed back to Hunt Huns in the same spots as last year. The rancher says they are even thicker this year. Can't wait. Sept 20-26, I'm even trying to set up a day to meet with family near Great Falls and visit my cousin and their Trout fishing Resort. Hope to post some pictures this...
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    Save me some time.

    OK my fellow hunters, after a long consideration I'm thinking of hunting Kansas because of your nice long extended season. While I'm packed with snow and 25 below in January, you lucky souls get to hunt my favorite birds. I was hoping to catch a break and get a little help on a place to...
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    Lastest Report

    Well, as usual the 1st week of Nov. was reserved for my annual 1st trip to South Dakota. I was so pumped to hear the reports of higher numbers and couldn't wait to get out and see the big numbers. Now the reality, it was the worst I have seen it. I hunted areas that I had great success last...
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    Looking for a Place to stay

    I'm thinking of making a trip South this year. I hunt more North central usually, but I'm thinking I would like to hunt down by Chamberlain this year for a week. I'm looking for pet friendly places to stay around that area???? Any help would be great, I don't need a 5 star place and I would be...
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    Keeping track of your dogs

    I just back from a great trip to SD. On the last day I hunted I was chased down by a truck on a back road, the guy asked if I saw his Pointer?? He was hunting a corn field and I was in the public land next to him. I said "No sorry I didn't see another dog" and he raced away. Then not 10...
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    Best trip ever

    I just hunted solo for 4 days in the heart of SD Pheasant country and had the best trip ever. 2 of the 4 days I had a limit well before noon and limited out. I never hunted the same area twice and had a great trip and saw tons of birds. I had a "flush", in one area of over 40 roosters. ALL...
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    Hard Frost

    Sounds good for a hard frost tonight... that means temps in the low 30's up North for Sat. morning.....:thumbsup: Just booked at the game farm to keep the dogs happy!:D
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    Chickens open this weekend anyone else going? This will be my 1st ever time and I'm pumped to get out and walk the fields!
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    Trip Report

    Well I'm back from a wonderful 5 days of long walks in the fields with my two loving girls (dogs). We had a wonderful trip that started Tuesday the 5th and end Saturday the 9th. I hunted alone the 1st 4 days and meet up with some frieds from Iowa the last day. Day one was met with snow and...
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    Ice fishing help

    I'm planning on heading over to the Waubay area to fish some perch and walleye, or whatever is biting.:D never fished the area before and could use some help. I'm thinking Bitter and waubay for a few days. I hunted that area this fall and liked the looks of the lakes in the area. Please send...
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    Gold Meadows tomorrow

    I'm heading up to hunt at Gold Meadows in the morning, start hunting around 9a.m. Is anyone open and want to shot some birds? I'm putting out 6 and can get more if needed. I have a 2 year old Golden, she is all business when hunting and doesnt seem to care about hunting with other dogs, if you...
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    Cz 912

    Anyone ever use a CZ 912 auto? Gun seems to feel nice and is light. Looking for a new auto for my 15 year old son, he seems to like it over many that he has shouldered. It's for upland game only. We have O/U's already but I would like him to have an auto for SD and for years to come.
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    2004 Jay-Co travel trailer

    Guys I have 2004 Jay-Co 29' bunkhouse travel just sits up north on our lake home lot. I'm looking to sell it! Asking around $7,500. has a slide out and is clean. We just dont ever use it. I looked around and I see this same one listed for well over 10k to 13k. I will try and post...