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It may have something to do with a Democratic President. While I agree with your assessment that its been going on before he took office, there's usually several events that fuel a surge in ammo/gun demand.

Democratic leadership is one of them. A mass shooting event is another. You can add civil unrest and a pandemic to that list now.
Nope it started back in the spring and summer with Covid. They emptied the shelves then. Not that it won't continue with Biden, but it has been going on since last year. I have been after 20 gauge pheasant loads since last September.


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Nope it started back in the spring and summer with Covid. They emptied the shelves then. Not that it won't continue with Biden, but it has been going on since last year.
I agree. I'm not saying that the pandemic didn't have anything to do with it. It surely did. As did all the civil unrest over the summer. Clearly a Democratic President also plays a role too and history has shown that.


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For the first time this year, in decades of hunting, I bought a case full case of shells when I found them on the rack at Cabelas. I saw low selection and empty shelves everywhere else I looked for my favorite load and figured ammo would be going into shortages like all the other items lately. I still have half of them leftover so I obviously bought double what I needed. It was more than I normally spend to go hunting but the price was pretty good to buy in bulk so I figured I could put up the extra money now, then I'd have them for hunting and save in the long run. If the price had been $5 more per box, I would have probably passed at buying that much and they would have stayed on the shelf for someone else.

So you do want to see prices rise with the demand and that will start tipping the scale away from buying due to uncertainty like I did. You might even get ammo companies to get more production online if they see long term sales volumes trending up and profit margins that make it worthwhile. As long as the government stops distorting the market with bans, threats, regulations and emergency powers shutdowns, the free markets will get back to the lowest price and the right supply amounts on the shelves.


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I have purchased three cases of clay target loads over the past 4 months. Pricing has gone up 40% from last summer to this month.

I started buying case loads last summer on-line when my son and I started shooting several times a week. Just purchased a case this week and it was probably $2-3 per box more than local stores, where as saving money last summer ... plus having cases dropped off at your door step (priceless).

This most recent on-line dealer limited orders to 1 case per day. I bought one case ... should have bought one the next morning. They were sold out in about 36 hours.

I am sure I will get a few more cases between now and spring/summer.

Not going to run around stores everyday. By the way ... not everything is stocked over night. Some times mid-day which means at a MFF or other stores you need to visit several times a day ?? ... nope. If I am in there for another reason and get lucky ... I will buy.


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Pandemic may at times impact the manufacturers ability to ramp up and line out at high rates.

Stores are depleted of everything ... not just self defense loads.

Some say all the new hunters, I say bull. They buy a box that will last them years. This is regular long time sportsman buying enough for a few seasons and then getting the hoarding bug in their head.


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Actually scored 2 boxes of 12 gauge Prairie Storm 4s today. Other than a couple boxes trap loads, these were the only 12 gauge on the shelf...