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  • Hey goosemaster name is Brandon I’m from Ky and new to the forum. I’m a rabbit hunter only and for the past couple of times coming to Kansas we hunted the mine lands in the southeast part of Kansas. Well this year we were hoping to kill rabbits and maybe even get into some birds as well, so we was thinking about glen elder, Wilson, and Smokeyhills. My question is, How is the population in these areas? I’m hearing the flooding really did a number on things so I’m not even sure if the rabbits are there. We don’t want to drive any further out west because those areas are already 12 hours from us. Thanks for reading.
    Question-Is the first tom in a line of toms that come to s call, the dominate bird, or do you have to look back in the pack?
    Has anybody hunted the high line of Montana this year? What about the Lewistown area?Looking for a bird report. Thanks.
    Thanks for the offer, but I don't shoot hens. I use archery , and shotgun. Either, or. Again, I appreciate the offer. Thanks.
    Are you a archery hunter or firearm? Where are you from? I could let an archer in this fall, otherwise it would be in mid December for firearm. Like I said in the post, I think you would be allowed two tags, I would request they both be hens. Let me know, thanks.
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