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A friend of mine lost his Brittany on Monday this week in the northern part of Rooks County close to Phillips County. His contact info is on her collar. Any help/ideas would be appreciated.

His comment on birds in that area was like everyone else’s. Spotty and just keep moving around.



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I always feel terrible when I hear of someone losing their dog. Can't imagine the feeling. Is it just me or are their more lost dogs this year than normal. Seems there has been a lot on this site and other sites I frequent. Another reason for buying a GPS collar. I know they are spendy but nothing compared to a lost dog. I'm praying for this Brittany's safe return.


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Thanks for the prayer. I lost my old setter last year oddly at my mom’s house for 7 days, and I believe it was some divine caring and fervent prayers that brought her back to me. He is still in the area, but I haven’t heard any news in a couple days.

I am looking to use Christmas gift cards this year to get a GPS tracker. We never had one growing up with my dad’s dogs or a training color for that matter. Great tools for sure. I just ask myself “what did my dad have that I don’t that warrants me needing all these new tools to help me with my dogs?”


I have had the misfortune of a lost dog and fortunately the 2 times this has happened they both found there way back to me. One was a veteran dog and well before GPS collars. We left our hunting coat out and notified the landowner we had lost our dog and then we just drove the area, she was back within a few hours. The second time my current brit was with me while I was cruising timber and between concentrating on my job and her adventurous nature we were separated, I left her kennel with the door open and I went looking for her, luckily she found her way back. It is a horrible feeling and one I don't wish to ever have to experience again, as I know I've been very lucky cause my pups came back. Hoping this britt is found safe and reunited with their owner.


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It’s amazing how resilient these dogs can be! I lost my Vizsla in Montana for 2 weeks! Had to leave the state after looking for two days. Posted signs around the area before I left, and 2 weeks later someone found her camping out by the river. Damn dog didn’t loose an ounce of weight either. I had to drive back to Montana, 14 hours, to pick her up, but I was sure happy that someone found her :). Tell your friend to hang in there, I’m sure his dog will turn up soon.


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Unfortunately my buddy has not recovered his dog. She was spotted a couple days after he lost her seemingly headed towards the Stockton area, but this was about 3 weeks ago.

This is a pretty terrible story how he lost her, but I share in interest to see if anyone has had a similar experience with their training collars.

This young dog was really coming into it the day she ran off. She had several points and her hunt drive was really progressing. Another buddy who I hunt with a lot has a Brittany from the same bloodline as this dog. She is tough dog to beat. After shooting a bird and praising his dog with the dead bird in hand, she jumped back from him suddenly as if she was getting shocked from the collar. This was a new Garmin collar he had bought this year and it comes with a bark limiter feature. My buddy had never used the feature and had it turned off from his receiver. His dog continued to yelp and started to run off from him. He could not figure out what the problem was and was left chasing his dog across the field until she was out of site. He thought maybe he accidentally hit the shock button on his collar the first time, but she clearly was getting a repeated shock. He suspects it had something to do with the bark limiter feature.

I can’t imagine the heart ache he felt. Has anyone heard of or experienced any kind of issue with a collar like this before?


That’s a terrible story. I’ve never heard of or experienced such a thing but I guess it could happen. I would suggest to anyone that runs bird dogs to invest in a gps collar to prevent this type of thing. I can’t imagine the heartache of losing one of my dogs in the field and wouldn’t think of turning one loose without a tracking collar now. It’s hard to believe that at one time I didn’t have the piece of mind that they bring.

I hope that the dog is eventually returned to your buddy or at least found a good home.


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Ive had bark limited collars fail and won’t put one on a dog anymore

All electronics is subject to possible failure so I don’t know if there an answer

I use gps collars so far so good


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Most of my dogs have "disappeared" once in their hunting career. Always at one year of age and every time they were at the truck waiting for me to return. Time out of touch never exceeding 30 minutes tops.

The GPS collar precludes even that from happening (well at least you can watch it happen). If a dog gets mixed up and moving in the wrong direction, you can quickly get a strategy to change it. If they decide to go back to the truck, you know.

Pointing dogs especially benefit from the GPS collar since they go quiet on point and in thick and/or high cover will "disappear". Calling them off point is NOT the answer.

I have rescued a couple dogs that were lost with no owner within a mile. A young GPS ... found owner a couple miles away. A young lab ... brought to a nearby farm and they thought they knew the owner. Both were long before internet and when cell phones were just phones. Neither dog had a collar on :(

I always say I could forget my gun or my Garmin Astro. Forget the gun - I would just run the dogs. Forget the Astro - I am going home.

I have never used corrective (e... shock) collars on any of my Britts. The only time I have considered it was when one dog I had like to chase deer (out grew it once birds became its passion) and if I ever decided to snake train my dogs. I get why the pros use them ... very time efficient when training many dogs each day / week / year.

Hope someone honest finds this young Britt and returns her.
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My dogs are fairly close working GSPs. Been using an Astro for 4 years now. I have become completely dependent on it. Don't know how I ever hunted without it. I do know one thing. I would have killed a lot more birds over the years had I used a GPS (had they even existed way back). It has taught me that the dogs are on point and just out of sight way more than I would have ever thought.


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Love my Garmin Astro 430t. Knowing where the dog is at all times is the best. Had issues just this week with Garmin Sport Pro shocking my poor dog, it has the bark limiter feature. I took it off her, completely recharged and had no problems since. Did I accidentally have it bark mode? Maybe...but she wasn’t barking regardless. Good luck on the dog.


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Thanks, CharBroiled, for keeping a look out. If it is a male, then that isn’t the dog. She was about 14 months. Name was Emma.
I wasn’t able to pull up the FB link, but it sounds like this isn’t her.


I am looking to use Christmas gift cards this year to get a GPS tracker. We never had one growing up with my dad’s dogs or a training color for that matter. Great tools for sure. I just ask myself “what did my dad have that I don’t that warrants me needing all these new tools to help me with my dogs?”

I've never lost a dog but have always got annoyed when they "disappear" -- The Garmin Alpha has changed completely how I hunt - very little giving any commands and I never have to "look" for my dog and can get somewhat of an idea what they are doing. There is a more basic model or the Garmin Astro that are affordable - best investment I've made - took me a while to come around to spending the money but very glad I did - they are not perfect (in that the Alpha display is sometimes hard to see - can be clunky with training etc - so has room for improvement but I think if you get one and use it you'll come on later after a few hunts with it and talk about how it's amazing)

Half the time when I thought my dog wasnt checking in with me or run off or not listening she was on point - I now run it on three dogs - was a pricey investment but one I haven't flinched at.