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  • I work for the MI DNR as a forester, if you have questions just let me know. Grouse pops are cyclic by nature with localized populations. Upscand downs vary by food, weather and predation. Gaylord is a good location to hunt out of as you have thousands of acres of public land within minutes. The time you are planning will be great foe woodcock. Last season I averaged 6 woodcock per hour and 1 grouse per hour. Typical grouse per hour is 2-3/hr. In the post a recommendation to hunt the UP was mentioned. I would not recommend do to the wolf population..... not worth the risk to your dog(s). You can email me at timberdoodleadventures@yahoo.com for more questions. I'm sure your host is well educated.
    No, but it would be nice!!! Just Outlaws Lucky Ned Pepper and Outlaws Chief's Lone Wati at Present as well as the old girl BleuBijou..
    Went through two hunters. Not breeders. One guy lived in Rogers, Arkansas where I got my old one and my buddy got a male littermate. Then I got my pup last year from a hunter near St. Louis. Just happened to find her randomly. Next year gonna breed her to the vizsla by buddy has from our first buy.
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