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  • First off, thank you very much for taking care of me when you did, you are forever in my thoughts and prayers. I made an unexpected full recovery/ I still have some neck problems(arthritis, degenerative disks) from the accident but it's nothing I can't live with! Maybe we can enjoy a day or two in the field chasing some birds this coming year!
    It was early Nov. 1997 and I got hit in the head with a falling tree limb. Split my head in half, shattered left eye socket and my upper jaw was shattered in 3 places. I had a swollen/stratched brain stem, blew my eardrums,bruised heart, lungs and ribs. They didn't think I would make it but I made a full recovery! I was 21 at the time and worked for Shawnee Mission Tree Service. Does any of this sound familiar?
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