Gas Prices


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I paid 2.88 at Sams Club in Sioux City over the weekend and in Sioux Falls last night I saw 3.31 to 3.39...going in the right direction now.

Red Ryder

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$3.30 on the reservation stations here in Kitsap Cty, Wa. Diesel is 3.70 which isnt cheap but better than 5 plus a gallon we have been paying.


Still around 4.18 average in Washington state. if you don’t like that, our wonderful governor is intent on adding another 40 cents right after the first of the year. If your looking for places to visit- don’t bring your business here.

Chessie 67

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Chessie, Do you ever fish Taylor Park Reservoir? Or the creek that runs out of it. Wow what a beautiful place. Also have you looked at the graveyard at Tincup?
I have fished up there, but not as much as I used to. Taylor river coming out of the reservoir gets pretty hammered; not much public access. Never have been to the graveyard in Tincup, only driven through the town. Sounds like you‘ve been around my stomping grounds? I spend most of my time north in Crested Butte.