Gas Prices

Matt D

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Our trip to MT earlier this month we paid between $3.44 and $3.79. Not too bad overall. Was down to $3.19 here locally this week but jumped at the end of the week.


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3.50 here in NC KS. i looked at some historical gas prices and inflation figures, and roughly estimate that 3.70 plus tax could be considered about normal. not what i want to pay, dang that data. as we've learned, energy prices can fluctuate wildly.
Holding around $4.59 in town, just over 5 in the road connected rural areas. Probably see around 7 at the northern end of the Alcan when I start down in 3 weeks.


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I'm not sure what gas prices are here? I buy gas from a locally owned gas station every chance I get. I pull in, don't have to pre-pay, fill up, go in and grab a tea and a snack, shoot the breeze with a happy employee, and then I drive away without ever looking at the price. The owner of this gas station is a big sponsor of our community's youth sports and other events. I know a small percentage of the money I spend there will go towards bettering our community.

Sorry for the rant, I know this was not the intent of this post. I just saw a Walmart commercial advertising $0.10 off a gallon of gas for club members, and it kind of pissed me off. And, I may not know what gas prices are locally, but I know they're too damn high!


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Yesterday morning 3.49, this morning 3.89 saw on station at 3.99 here. Correction now up to 4.09 today (9/28)
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SC Kansas got as low as $3.29 maybe 2-3 weeks ago, but has bounced back up to 3.45-3.49 of late. I saw 3.29 in KC (Kansas side) last week.


I saw 2.97 here yesterday in TN. Maybe we will catch a break for.bird season.
Crap, I’d be in heaven at that price. Washington state still at about 4.25 and in many place over 5 bucks. Our great governor is seeing to it that anyone working today will pay everyone’s share in this state.


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Anywhere from 3.69 to 3.28 near where I'm at, south of St Paul MN. Diesel is still about 5 a gallon tho.


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Just returned from SD, about 1200 mile round trip. Used about 70 gallons, gas averaged about $3.60, so about $250, drove solo. If gas had been $3, very cheap, I’d have saved $40. Whoopee. Driving from Alaska, yes, these prices add up. But if you ride with at least one other, and are doing 1,000 or 2000 miles per trip, this isn’t a big deal. The pandemic prices in 2020 were an aberration ; gas in the $3.50 range right now is almost a bargain when viewed on an inflation-adjusted basis over the past several decades or longer. My .02. IMO, driving solo is one of life’s great luxuries! A bargain at twice the price! 🥳


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it will inflate all goods being delivered.
There is something else going on that is going to inflate goods being delivered too: a major drought. River barges in the Mississippi River basin are running aground. The river is the lowest its been in recorded history in some locations now. The river is a major source of transportation this time of year for grain harvest. All those beans and corn you see being taken out of the field often end up on a barge and get shipped down river. Right now that is becoming extremely difficult.

I think its safe to say we not only need a shift to a wetter pattern here in pheasant country, but across the entire midsection of the country.