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  • Good to still have you around, I noticed you were on a couple weeks ago! Hope that everything's going good on your end!
    Buck--I did pattern it and shoot it fixed points on a cardboard sheet to see where it shoots in relation to where I am pointing. Did not shoot at clays, but the gun shoots right where I point. Pretty nice piece, overall...especially for $1149 + tax, less the 2% credit on the Cabela's card, which puts it at about $1125 + tax, +/-. Won't feel too bad actually using it and subjecting it to the dings that come along with said use. Thanks for your help!
    Those guy's at Cabela's, Rogers, are rookies. To get a tight forearm off, simply tap the barells on the floor(carpet) as you press the plunger in. It will come right off. Just the sign of a well fitted gun. Did you get out and shoot it yet? Keep the clays right on top of the muzzle. Just a little clear sky in between and you should do just fine.
    Hi Banger, Just came over to this site. What do you think so far? Have most of the Pheasant Country folks transferred to this site? Let me know. Jeff
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