Eye Protection for your dog

Does anyone use eye protection for their dog when hunting? Is there a good solution on the market for eye protection?

The reason I ask is that last year my dog scrathed his cornea on two different hunting trips and one scratch developed an ulcear that had to be treated by the vet. Last year was the first time I have had any problems and I am wondinging if this happens a lot or if it was just bad luck.

I am taking precausions after the hunt such as inspecting him for injuries and flushing his eyes with a sterile eye wash.

Just wonding what everyone else does.

Thanks for the help.
I'd like to know too cuz my dog's down to one eye.
Here is what a relative of mine used on their Brittany. They say it works good. I don't remember the name of the product but if you want more info I can get it for you.

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Man what the other dogs must be saying:D. That must be for those edge walking dogs:) If your dog likes busting tails and heavy cover, I may as well burn my cash as I would think that thing has about a ten minute shelf life:eek:

As to the original poster, I don't think I would worry much about this. It was an isolated incident. Some dogs seem to injure more than others. I have had dogs that were constantly suffering from something, others that were hard chargers that would run through barbed wire without a scratch.
I agree with Carp'tom - had 5 dogs thus far, no eye injurys. The dogs seem to brush the weeds by with their nose...not sure how they contend with cattails et al.

Perhaps "contacts" will become the future?
When I first got Young Bert, the not-right dog, he was a brash young male who'd never hunted before. In his (constant) enthusiasm, he went THROUGH all obstacles, no matter how thorny or bramble-ful.

For the the first two years, within a couple of weeks, he would have half-moon shaped segments of raw flesh under his eyes, where he'd scraped the skin off charging through brush.

His first year, I had to take him to a vet to get his eyes flushed, and to have wheat-shaped seeds extracted from the inner edge of his lower eyelids. Each were just about 5/8ths of an inch long. They were almost matching seeds. :)

He mellowed, and I always carried a bit of saline and a tweezers with me on a hunt, checking him often.

Best wishes. I never saw googles on a dog, unless it was a bulldog in a motorcycle sidecar.
After having to take a seed out of one eye and dealing with a scratched cornea in the other, my boy now wears Rex Specs on field hunts. To me they are worth every penny.


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Rex Specs work terrific I don't use them often, pretty much only when the weed seeds are crazy bad.

The cool lenses are $10 more. Pretty much a waste of money but the dog looks bad ass.


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Rex Specs has a big sale going on right now. They also participate in a good military discount program.

Boatwithdogs is having a pretty good sale too. We used the code "facebook" and the first time it got us 10% off and the 2nd time it got us 25% off. Might be worth a shot. They are significantly cheaper than rexspecs to start with, and we've been impressed by the quality. Just got with the ff1s because they have 2 straps instead of 1.

Boatwithdogs goggles
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