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  • $94/night!! Ouch! I recall something in the range of$50 when we first started hunting that area.

    I'm at the flea bag in Prescho...didn't ask the price. Only other alternative is Chamberlain.

    hey tom,

    hope you had a great 4 of july. just wondering what this yr is looking like for making a return trip to south dakota? would like to get it lined up at work so i can atleast get acouple days off and join u. let me know. thks, dan
    Were you hunting with Josh again on this trip? If so, how do you think the bird #'s compared to last year? How are the ditches looking this year also? Thanks, Mitch
    Hey Tom,

    I just wanted to give you a heads up, my brother will be joining me on my trip in December. I'm sorry to keep adding to the group but having him come to split fuel costs is really going to help me. Pleasr let me know if this presents any pronlems for you. I cant wait and look forward to meeting you.


    P.s. Delete some of your pm's buddy.:cheers:
    Now you did it, you went and got my thread deleted.:mad: Hope all is well out there buddy, I'm thinking of heading out SD way this year if my paving season wraps up soon. Have a good one.:cheers:
    Hey Tom,

    My older springer is pretty hard up and has been trying to hump everything from his dog bed to the cat. I was thinking if you could find a willing party with say a female britt or setter you might want to give a pup a try.:D

    Tom: I read your post about hunting east of Pierre. I'm staying in Miller from the 10th to the 16th and would like to hook up with your group for a day or two if you have room. I will be out there for the month and in that area that week. I have a decent dog and am out there alone. Thanks, Mark Orvick, Madison, WI
    Tom The event will be at Brush Creek Shooting Preserve in Mayview MO it is 35 min from Bass Pro in Indep. Thanks for the offer on the dogs I already have them lined up. Maybe next year.

    give me a call and I will give you more information.

    Jeff 816-200-6233
    Hey Do you have any kids between 11 and 15 interested in a Youth Pheasant Hunt? I am the Youth Coordinator for The Heartland Pheasants Forever. We are short of kids this year. The hunt is 3/2 The cost is $20. Pass the info along if you know somebody.

    Thanks Jeff
    Yea we have been doing well. A lot of birds where we are and not many hunters. Problem is there is not much public here and the ditches are clean. You will see a bunch on the road but there is no cover to hold them. Hunting monday and coming home.
    you killing any birds up there my buddys are up there and having a really tough time of it , there hunting all walk in though?
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