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  • Hi, I was wondering if you could delete my Classified post (TT Pro 550 & Beeper). Thanks so very much!

    Good morning sir! Sorry for my lack of participation lately, it's been a crazy last 2 years. Can you please PM me and see what it would take to be a mod again?
    sorry this is late! I want to thank you for the hat and shirt you donated! I am enjoying both. I wore the shirt to the Sibley Co. MN, PF Banquet last night.
    Thought I'd drop a line and say thanks for fixing the problem that I called about...Phil V.
    Might want to check the response to one of my very old posts under the "Main Birddog Forum", by Jeremy1. It's the first post. I meant my original post to be somewhat tongue in cheek, with a small kernel of truth. Everyone seems to have taken it that way..... till now! I believe I conjured up the last Nazi apologist. This guy is going to offend somebody fast! Pete
    Web Guy-
    Would you happen to have any bumperstickers or deacals for vehicles??
    I think that would be a good way to recognize people out and about. I have unknowingly hunted in fields that was across the street from other members. Had they or myself had a loago decal we couldve met and done some shoooting together. Just a thought.
    I would be more than willing to pay a few bucks for the decal.
    Man, if you need an employee in Ks you just let me know! I'd be happy as heck to come to work for you..... It got pretty chilly this morning, we're sitting right at 30 degrees now. I hope that we get some snow and get it soon, I love the cold weather, although as I get older that love will probably change!
    Getting any snow yet? We've got a killing freeze warning tonight so hopefully the snow is soon to follow!
    Happy Birthday you old bastard! Can I officially call you 6-pack now? Drink 2, spill 2, give 2 away! Have a good one and enjoy it!
    I will call around to see which club will give us the best deal. I know Golden Meadows is running some killer specials right now. After I get that squared I will get back to you so you can post the info.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    I was wondering if there was a way to send out a message to all members from a state like Minnesota? I was thinking about organizing a get together at a hunt club around the end of Feb or beginning of March to meet up with local members and shoot the breeze. Let me know either way.

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