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  • Deis, Great gallery pic's! Kids are getting big. Will try and get Viley an elk this weekend. Hopefully off the porch. I hope she is ready to make a good shot. We did not have a chance to get her a bear yet and time is slipping away. I start PT tomorrow for 6 weeks.
    Hey John,
    Did pretty good on two days with Dustin. Planning on Dec 21st if we can get some snow on the ground. interested?
    She is doing a youth hunt throught the division at Price Ranch by Byers. Dad says he coached both Price boys in baseball. Should be a good experience for her and I. It is way cool to hunt w/ the daughter. She will only do bid game right now, but I'm working on her for birds also. My son is a different story he wants to hunt it all yesterday. He can get hunter safety this spring.
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