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  • Thanks for this site!! Its great! It's like a redneck Facebook! I love it. Ive met face to face with a few members and now have new hunting buddies!!! Thanks again!
    I understand your point but it is frustrating to have such an important topic (climate change) removed because of some member's inappropriate and immature responses. Why not just remove that member's post rather than the whole thread?
    Hi guys. One of our moderators shut it down with my permission. Heated topics are ok, I just don't want things to get ugly? I want to encourage new people on the forum and threads like those new users will tend to be scared off of or might not post. Make sense? Thanks for your opinions and letting me know.
    Thanks for locking the road hunt thread. I get so tired of listening to Landmans BS
    I see the guy looking for somewhere to stay in Eureka post has disappeared....did I do something wrong ??

    I know it's posted on the sight but I can't find it. How do I get a picture to show up in the post rather than just a link to the picture?


    Bo is a great looking dog, nice and big. A cross between a lab and a GSH? What a great combination, does he point or flush? Max will go all day. He just loves to hunt for birds. Kind of a funny story: Max's mom and dad took a break, if you catch my drift, while out pheasant hunting in the fall. I wonder if that had something to do with how crazy he is for birds?
    I'm not sure why, but Choc Labs have a bad rap among some hunters. I lucked out. He is really birdy, and really smart. He was only 10 months when we started hunting last year, but he picked it up pretty quickly. Hey, this is a great site, thanks for putting it together.
    That's right. Graduated from Canby High in 1964. Having our 45th reunion this year and I'm in charge. I've been out here in Aberdeen, SD since 1978. I get back to Canby a couple of times each fall to hunt with some old friends.
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