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  • Happy spring my friend, dogs and I survived another winter, hope your winter was good for the birds and you. My boy is picking up his first pup this spring and is hoping for bird numbers good enough to justify a trip to your fine state?

    Take care,
    Pup had her first point this weekend, wish I could figure out how to forward the video. How are the birds looking?
    Hope summer is treating you well? How's the weather coming along? Miserably dry here, farmers crying for rain. What's the consensus out there on the ag bill concerning crp?
    Stay healthy,
    Morning Greg,
    Have you ever hunted around the Kildeer area? Heard birds are plentiful with easy access. BTW, just picked up a new pup.☺

    Have a good day,
    Well, not much. Did get some rain, but not enough. Going to be another hot week, still hoping for rain! Stay well and have a good one!
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