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  • Thank you sir. I very much enjoy your posts and the knowledge and balance you bring to the board. Happy hunting and give that big lab a scratch behind the ears for me.
    We have done ok down there as far as quail. Last year we didn't see a single rooster. It's only a 1 1/2 drive for me so we don't stay over night.
    You know, I think I somehow overlooked a private message you had sent me in March about hunting in SD. If in fact I failed to repond, I apologize. I enjoy your posts. As for hunting SD, I was fortunate enough to receive a first ever invitation to hunt private land in SD this year. Thanks for messaging me back in March.
    It would be a pleasure to meet for lunch. I always like reading your posts. You can approach just about any issue and not use the words Profit or money as a first priority. The greed and extreme property trespass views out in the pheasant belt are something that is hard for me to swallow. We just weren't raised that way where I come from. Makes it seem quit unfriendly.

    Please don't give up or leave the forum. You add so much good quality views. We have to try and stop those with their extreme views and try and promote more of caring views towards conservation, land access and our fellow hunters.

    You better bring lots of bug spray. The skeeters are thick. Here's my cell number 1-218-392-0227 (Chuck)

    Take care, look forward to meeting a fellow hunter with views like mine.

    I have gone to Rosebud since the 1970's. I usually stay in Valentine, Ne. both decent motels are dog friendly. I most recently the last couple of years went to Lower Brule, and Standing Rock, dog friendly accomadations are scare and far! So there is some driving, Both are spectacular! 5 limit daily at Standing, 4 at Lower Brule, Standing Rock makes their permit a 10 day , at like a $100.00, You do not need a SD lisence on the reservation, Lower Brule is more expense, a season lisence is $500.00. Season Starts about the 6th of October. lisence is good throughout the season, and we can shoot prairie chickens,sharptails, huns too! Those seasons are usually September 1. For a seperate fee of $50.00 got a permit to go to "Grassrope", it is a pennisula in the bend of the Missouri. Limited access, nothing like it! Pete
    Thank you for responding. Which Indian reserve do you hunt? I tried to get info last year from a SD reserve but it come to nothing for some reason. Is your lodging dog friendly? Thanks again. Mark
    Hello We have spoke a couple of times about coming to a PF meeting. I was wondering if you new of any kids interested in a Youth Pheasant Hunt. I am in charge of the Hunt and we are short on kids. The cost is $20 and the hunt is on 3/2. The kids must be between 11 and 15 with Hunter Safety.

    Thanks Jeff

    PS you should check out our Banquet on Feb 22
    you see that hit in the backfield in the south carolina michigan game took his freakin head off lol welcome playing sec football lol
    ok with the weather being cold i will be off all next week pick a day and we will go not for sure but as of now i will prob be off
    Good news: I just talked with Carol Durtschi at Pheasants Forever and she can save us a table at the main banquet on Saturday night (or the dinner on Friday night) as long as we have 10 paying customers.

    Here is what you need to do to RSVP your seat: Call Carol at p. (651) 209-4939 | f. (651) 773-5500 | Toll Free. 877-773-2070 .

    Have your Credit card ready to pay for whatever portion of weekends events you want to buy and tell her you are part of Chris Hitzeman - Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Group. If you have already sent in your aplication or paid online no problem just Call carol and mention that and also that you are part of the UPH group. In any case you have to call Carol and RSVP for the table and which night you will attend (and the lunch too). WE NEED 10 to get one reserved!!! Please also give her you UPH Forum User name.

    DEADLINE FOR BANQUET SIGN UP IS JAN. 31. Carol will keep the master list for the dinners and lunches so I will know who is going.
    old i dont care where we go it dont really matter ive hunted nw mo more than anywhere prob when i was growing up my number is 8166068194 im44 years young but love bird hunting and have learned lots from all types on here i have a very open mind to ways of bird hunting strategys cover types when to hunt what i love to learn and teach a newcomer as well thanks merry xmas and enjoy your family bryan
    i would like to be your friend i love how knowledgeable you are about things especially football roll tide lol. i know we kind of started out shakey but the more i got to know you the more i liked you i have to admit :)i see your friends with joe gove county as i am as well i would like to just go hunting for a day or just hang out and bullshit about bird hunting ,football whatever
    what is your name? at first we kind of hit it off a slow start but the more i get toknow you and how knowledgeable you are bout stuff i like you and your smart ass lol but what im really impressed with like ive said is your football knowledge i would like to be your friend and maybe just leisurely go hunting and just talk
    hey guyt are you planning on coming out this way this year if so let me know and i will set aside a weekend for you and maybe we can get a couple roosters
    if you do get out this way please pm me and give me your cell nuber and when you will be here I would like to buy you a cup of coffee and maybe scare a rooster or 2
    i may be out your way this year, we will keep in touch. Next week I'm going to try to scare up some woodcock around here, none of this young generation of dogs has seen one! Might be a hoot!
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