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  • Chris,

    I would like to echo what Kismet said. It is too bad there are some ding-dongs on this site that try to make it tough on the rest of us. Man I applaud you for your love of pheasant hunting and habitat improvement. What you and some others I have hunted with do for hunting in SD should be commended. So what if you have figured out a way to make a few bucks off it. Who cares. Some on here need to let go of there outdated views, and realize habitat improvement benefits all even if they don't hunt there. So I wish you would continue to post your reports from the field. It keeps some of us going throughout the summer.

    Hello Chris, I'm Kismet from Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Forum, and a recently appointed moderator there. (I'm the pretty one.)
    I miss seeing you post on the forum and recently someone said you may have been offended by some obnoxious remarks from a poster--who apparently, was asked to leave.

    Seems a shame to me, but I have to figure you have a life, business, and world of your own to which to attend.

    But...if you get the time, or have the nice to see you drop by as you can.

    I hope all goes well.

    Chris - I tried to fill out your form to reveice info on your website, but it would not allow me.

    I'm new to this forum and i'm not a face book person or to good on computers so I think its going to take some time for me to figure out how to do personal messages and work through this but as I was staying before I need to find something just a little cheaper
    It was sick. At one point we shot 24 birds in about 15 minutes. Most days though we hunted hard as birds were spooky and we got our limit before days end. The group is unanimous we're heading back next year. We also agreed when you see that many pheasants it is hard to describe it to another person that was not there.
    Hi Chris,

    Just wondering how you guys did out there. Our hunt was awesome. We easily saw 5000 birds. Ronis a great guy. If you need a reference I would be more than happy to give one. Good luck hunting.
    hey uguide. can you get coot to talk about his christmas gift to me. get him to talk about the lotion. say something like hey blackcloud i wouldn't use any lotion the coot gave me.. alittle birdy warned me what he put in it and he doesnt know that i know. thanks bc
    Oh yeah baby! Ol' Roy is ready to party...and...he is the only one in the right spot!

    UGUIDE is gettin' the fileds ready. Dwight might be able to hunt with us. Lookin forward to it webguy.
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