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  • How am I supposed to reply to this type of message? Do I go to the author's name and click on it? Do I post in this box on my own message site? Guess I need a kid to guide me through this:)
    I don't know if you seen my post in the social group or not but I thought you might like to read through the website I found.It's www.gsp.org.uk/history There is a lot of interesting things on this site.
    Shot a monster saturday. Picture is up on the thread of him. The biggest Tom I've taken yet. He came in slow but on a rope to me. Real still that moring so his gobbles were like tornado sirens. Best hunt ever.
    Asking you as a moderator, since I'm new to the site.
    Are religious and political topics a normal part of the postings?

    I'm a little uncomfortable if they are, and would like to know before I get engaged in the discussions.


    I got to get out last Sunday but did little good. Saw quite a few birds but none wanted to come to their death. I'm busy with family things and work until May so I won't have a chance to go until then. Two of my buddies doubled up on Saturday with the bows which was cool. Have you gotten anything stirred up?
    ya ive found about a dozen, two real big matching sets, also found a littl honey hole on some public ground i walked the other day! might have to show u where it is come next rifle season.
    Shot them up home south of Home City. I'm on the right and it is a Rio from what I can tell. I don't know why they are in that area but they are. I think someone said that Nebraska dumped some across the border and they moved down. They sure gobble alot more than Easterns do. The picture is a double that my brother and I shot right before he was deployed over seas. Had both dead in the truck by 7 am and coffee still hot.
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