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  • Rick, only thing I can suggest for this is to respond to or post a classifed in the Hunting Group Builder Forum.

    Be sure to read the how-To before posting as it will help your success rate.

    I get asked all the time but UGUIDE is staying out of the business of match making if nothing else for safety reasons.

    I know there are others looking to put a group together.

    Best Wishes.


    Very interested in going out to hunt on one your properties but unfortunately no one I hunt with wants to spend the money. I've been trying since pre-season '09 and have yet to get anyone interested in parting with their money.
    I was wondering if you knew anyone that would be interested in picking up a single in their group. I prefer to hunt with smaller groups and I have a GSP that I would like to see work some birds. I've never hunted SD but would love to mark this off my bucket list.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you regardless of the news.


    Hi UGUIDE,

    I'm new to this site. I posted an information request on the new introduction portion of the web site. There were very nice welcomes and advice. Very nice!! One of the folks sugested I ask you about where might be a great place to take our hunting family to for a "First time Hunt to SD". We are wanting our twelve year old youngsters this fall (and ourselves) to experience this while we are all together and the kids are still excited about hunting.

    If you read the response I sent to everyone you'll get a better idea of what I am trying to put together for us. When I get home to my computer I'll put up some of our pictures.

    Thank You for you imput in advance.
    rjbert2 (Ric)
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