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  • hi been looking at a serious trip to n. da. and likely the Bismarck area in part due to motels. mostly a little n. east of there. all new country for me. have read I think all your post so here I am. would like to know some of what I should expect, like type of boots, amount of water, condition and or type of crop or fields I might encounter. there would be two of us, both old farts but can still keep up with our 3 gsp's. pastor john will be with me, you may have heard me talking about him in some of my post. we are looking at nov 10 for 3 1/2 days in the field. I think what I would like is to you respond with a phone number and a time you might be able to chat. not trying to get invited but might be able, depending on just where we hunt to say hi or whatever. got any ideas, would like to hear from you. I am in the Greeley area of Colorado and if it comes to hunting I have probably done it. anyway love my dogs

    gsp...noticed i never answered your question below about Dakota. I got him from prairie kennel outside of Fargo. They are at sire is in Fargo "Sargent York" and Dam is "Gypsy"--she's from Romania. Where do you think you'll end up going opening day? I'm thinking about Audobon WMA. I'm hearing Mott/Dickenson area is probably best bet.
    Lots O water around Minot but seeing a lot of birds. This off season will be interesting. You seeing much?
    Would like to do that. I am not sure I've seen "the light come on". Need to tune up/finish him up this year. Pheasant would be cool because we're ultimately trying to end up in Texas and quail will be more prevalent there than pheasant. I also need to get him fixed.
    Hi GSP4life...I'm an officer at Minot AFB, ND. Saw your post in the ND forum. Heard good thhings about the dam this year. Minot/Ward County area was crap on public lands. Would love to hook up for my final season before I move Summer '12. I have a Vizsla who will be 2 years old by the upcoming season. Trying to finish him up this Spring/Summer. Would be interested in hunting with someone who knows the area better than me.
    Kinda sad now that the seasons over. Once the weather warms some I'm sure I will get out to as preserve to get the dog some work.
    I only have 1 shorthair. It's a black and roan and he will be 2 next month. He's the second shorthair I've owned. My father and uncle both had shorthairs so I've been around them my whole life. They are amazing hunting companions and great about protecting the yard.

    I live in Minnesota (New Prague to be exact) it's about 40 miles southwest of the cities.

    Great minds think alike apparently. So where are you from and how did your season go?

    Thanks for writing

    P.S. Name's Rick by the way
    Thanks for the info on GSP's yeah I have two kids, we had German Shepherds for quite awhile so I think they will be fine. Everything I have read says GSP's are pretty hyperactive which is ok I love to run and am a pretty outdoorsy guy I have placed an add on the wanted starter dog post and have been looking. Once again thanks for the info
    Hello just joined this site today, bumped into your handle and saw you were from around the corner. I am in the military but looking to get a great hunting dog any recomendations? Also I am new to pheasent hunting any good hunting between here and KS? Thanks look forward to hearing from you.
    They did well. The birds wanted to run instead of fly Saturday. We saw a few good points early in the morning by the wirehair.

    Sunday morning it rained. We saw 3 good points and harvested all 3 birds. We left pheasant country at 9am Sunday due to the rain.
    i think i moved about 5-6 but i only came home with 2 its so hard for me to pick one out. the whia got hit pretty good and with the crops coming out the birds were spotty. but the private land i got is where i had my best sucess. how did the dogs do?
    We didn't kill many pheasants. We saw quite a few but didn't connect for various reasons. I saw more quail than ever on least for that area. Glad to hear you got into good #'s. How's the WIHA look up that way? How many coveys did you move?
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