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  • My quail eggs have been hatching like crazy! Made an awesome cage for the young ones with feathers yesterday! LOVE IT!!!
    I appreciate everyone's kind words of encouragement! I love this site so much because I can learn so much from all the guys & gals. I've learned that pheasant hunting is a blast to go alone with dogs or with friends and family.
    Thanks for the greetings! I was wondering if there were any gals on here. Chloe is definitely my pride and joy. However, since im new to the dog handling, its still working progress. Gotta work on our whoa command (she gets tunnel vision once shes hot with a bird) and find a way for her to honor a pointer. How long have you been at it?
    I just asked you about your quail,(that you got from curlytails) and come here and see you are incubating a bunch! Very cool!
    north west ia is my favorite place to hunt. well that is, it is my favorite because it is almost the only place in iowa to find birds! i hunt public ground up there and i am always looking for new people to hunt with. let me know if you would like to meet for a hunt. have you ever hunted south dakota?
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