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  • Happy Holidays. You back in town? I should be pretty flexible to go hunting. Thinking of one day next week, Wed, Thur or Friday. Drop me a line.
    Hey brother, I pray all is well! I haven't heard from you in awhile let's get together for real this year :) I'm headed to KS as always for opening day but after that Chief and I are game! Talk to you soon

    Roger, glad to hear from you!!! Everything here is busy as usual and I am still fighting the back injury I sufferred last Sept! Going back in the 21st for a block of some nerves and then again on the 24th. If that goes o.k. then will have them burned to deadend the nerves to give me some relief!! Been a long time coming!! I struggled last year to make it 80 yds without stopping, but it caused the dogs to move slow and got lots of birds!! Got to get ready for Elk as I was lucky to draw my trophy tag after 18 years!!

    Just checking in to see how Chance is doing with the ACL recovery? Dakota leg has healed up (I hope) after about 5 weeks of limping. We are back running the open space and are starting to think about the fall. I will do the Burlinton Rooster thing again this year and have a room there for the opener. I would like to go into the high country for some sharptail and grouse. I was also going to make a trip out to the praire this summer and see if I can get any private land set up. Let me know your thoughts and we'll hook up.

    Steve, YES I am finally back in town & I would love to get out one last time - been one hell of a ride since I last saw you. I need a break/getaway in the worst of ways!
    We'll have to let Copper or another dog do the heavy work, or do it ourselves though - Chance has a torn ACL & is out of hunting commission until or after surgery... :((
    You back in town? Just thought maybe one more time before the end of the season, let me know if you can make it.
    Roger, sorry I missed your calll the other day. I don't have your phone number to call back. I have to get McKenzie in for her spay. She will be out of commission for a week after her surgery.
    Give me call when you are ready to come out and work with her. Thanks.... Rick
    Hen, Hen, Rooster how long have you been a pastor for? Are you apart of a denomination? Just wondering. I was in Seminary in Boston a year and a half ago. Couldn't cut it. Anyway it's nice knowing there's man of faith on this forum. Thanks-1pheas4
    Hello HHR I am back didnt do to well at school got hurt and sent back early but as my parents and everyone else seems to tell me it wasn't my time to complete the school, God's will not mine. Anyways sorry I didnt get back with you before I left I had computer issues my puppy ate my computer cord! Anyways I did get a pointer a GSP 3mo and wonderful. Anyways look forward to hearing from you take care. Richard
    Enough to make a preacher cuss?
    HHR...are you a fellow pastor? My brother and I grew up in SD (we are both pastors) and get back to hunt every november. I live in S. Indiana and do some quail hunting. Not very many birds...but like to get out and walk some fence rows for exercise!
    I like your style! You also gave me an excellent idea for an anniversary gift (10 year coming up this year). Keep up the banter it gets me through the offseason and who knows, I might even walk out with a new gun.
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