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  • Please check with your contact in Iowa. We grew up in Minnesota hunting tracks, but it sure looks like a different ball game since 911.
    Bird Man,
    Thanks for the tip on the company you ordered your Decal from. I just got mine today and already have them on my Dodge. You weren't kidding. They're great Quality. I'd send you a picture....but for some reason I can't attach them?!?!?

    Anyway Thanks again,
    hey birdman I used to run a sprayer man do i miss that i always found all the good hunting before season and then i would go ask for permission
    Hi, I was the one who cross posted your missing dog thread. Glad you decided to come aboard here as this is a great site for Pheasant Hunting addicts. Lots of friendly guys here that like to talk pheasants and other things related. Join in when you can.
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