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  • thanks for these leads. I look at these a lot but just don't know any of them that are selling the dogs. It would be sight unseen. I'm unsure if they shoot it straight. Do you happen to know any of these guys yourself you trust.
    Great info , Pete Berthlesen form QF / PF talked about " flash grazing some ground " . I assume it keeps stands form gettig to thick ?
    Thanks for the reply Drifter in regard to the habitat stamp , I look at a lot of the old CRP land and grounds in some of or wildlife area and know that they would benefit from some disturbance , fire light discing etc . I hope maybe sometime in the future I could help through PF or volunteer . I was on what I believe to be a summer burn in a quail habitat project at one of the wildlife areas and found a covey and was impressed with the layout .
    Prairie Drifter , Do you think that Kansan's would support and upland / pheasant stamp to help out with habitat on private or public ground ?
    What bush do you prefer for quail? I am thinking of doing a planting next spring. The farm is in Neosho Rapids KS.
    The funny part about this whole thing is that before we started doing anything we were down to one huntable covey. Last year we had three. Guess what kind of cover we found all three. BRUSH PILES. I have been paying attention to each covey to see if they are using something that is not being done. I guess I am trying to be a good student.
    Thanks Sometimes I feel like banging my head against wall. I have spent time watching the videos and reading. They think I am going to cut all the trees down. I will try the google earth image and see if that helps them understand.

    Thanks Jeff
    Praire Drifter, Thanks for all your responses to my posts. The information is invaluable. I do have a question. The farm I work on is my uncle and cousins. They don't believe you should do anything. What are your thoughts on edge feathering, down tree structures etc. I do not think you should cut everything down. Nothing has been done to this place for 50 years it is way over grown. I have done alot of brush hogging just to kind of reset and let the thickets come back naturally and get some soil disturbance for weed production. How do I convince someone that this will work?

    Thanks Jeff

    Just a few questions: Has he been house trained. How is he around other dogs. Any idea on how he is around cats? If I got him he would be a pet and my hunter partner.

    Steve Tarasar
    I've always enjoyed Isabel, do you manage it also. Did it take a hit in 2010, seemed a little down. Thanks for the good work, Aaron.
    Prairie Drifter

    Many thanks for your quick response. I have suspected for several years a direct correlation exists between the local quail declines after crop rotation in which soybean were planted. I am attempting to gather enough scientific data; so that I can present research evidence of these potential effects on bobwhite populations. Although I am not a Biologist, I have observed rapid declines in the years after Soybean Crops where planted on Federal Lands. At work we have several Agriculture Leases in which the AG contract lists soybeans as one of the crops of choice. I am hoping to obtain enough data that shows soybeans do not benefit quail populations and potentially could be attributing to its continued decline in our area.
    Again Thanks. Gunner
    Maynard told me that you may know where I can find some reference material concerning the relationship of the Quail Decline and soybean croplands. In that certain protiens in soybeans cannot be digested by quail. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks Gunner
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