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  • You will have her hunting by fall, mine was 4 months we she started chasing woodcock and grouse. You will have a fun year with her!
    The pups on the puppy thread were all sold. I do have females bred now for whelping in February and March. I do have 6 that are 7 months old that I will be working and sorting through this spring before the new litters come.
    No, I'm not Brent, my name is Tom and I'm located in Michigan. Im assuming you are looking for a setter. My dogs both have great personalities and are great dogs. My setter is only 6 months and my Britt will be 3 yrs this spring. My Britt is a bigger runner then my setter, the setter is ranging about half that of my Britt. I feel range is inherited and is highly variable within these breeds, you can also reign you dog in if you like. Both mine are good retrievers as well. I have added a coupl of links to my YouTube page so you can kind of see how each dog hunts.

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