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  • Yes, and ask him if it is alright for you to give me his damn number!!lol Man changes phones like my kids do!! Thanks a bunch!
    I tend to prefer plums, either sand plum or American. I also like fragrant sumac, choke cherry, and golden currants. Coral berry and buck brush also have merit. I try to stay away from exotic species. All we need is something else to control.
    Frequently, the limiting factor with quail is brood-rearing cover. I have an article titled the Rainey Farm where a farmer just dropped his disk in the nesting cover and drove around like a drunk making irregular strips through the cover. I believe in 4 years he went from 16 coveys to 64. That indicates just how important it is to know what the limiting factor is for your place. Significant improvements can often be gained just by addressing your limiting factor. I don't know if you've been to my wildlife area's website, but there are several good videos (other than having to look at my mug) there that address conditions and management for quail. The agency website is It's a bit of a journey to the Byron Walker Wildlife Area page, but go to: hunting, where to hunt, public land, region 4, and Byron Walker. Good Hunting!
    It is hard to deal with folk's misconceptions. We have some of those on this boards! Once they believe something, it's set in concrete no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary! The thing is, nothing stands still. Although many things about a species are constant across their range, some things aren't. Rainfall, need for winter cover, cover types used to nest in tend to change across the range and you have to adjust your management respectively.
    Jeff, Convincing anyone of things they don't want convinced of is an almost impossible task. You could get them to camp in front of youtube videos that show the techniques and talk of their benefit if they'd sit for it. Probably won't. My best advice is to take them out in the winter when our birds need the cover the worst and have them look under the canopied timber and see just how little cover there really is at ground level. Then get permission to do some half cutting/edge feathering and take them out again a day or two after the snow and show them the tracks of everything that is using the cover. Also, get aerial photos of their place for each 10 years for as long as you can go back and show them the amount of increase there has been in the woody portion on their watch! Hope this works. Yes, getting more cover down where the birds are and reducing canopied woody cover will help your birds.
    I came with Everett. Planted birds with Mark Swanson for the AM hunt.
    You know me from the GSP club.

    Carl Reinecke
    Jeff, where is it going to be at? I have a fifteen year old boy that may be interested. He needs to get out more. He is a little timid yet on the hunting thing, but very safe. Can we bring dogs? I know mine would like to get out again. Let me know.

    i was going to happy holler sat will it be packed? If you want to join me your welcome to i also talked to a coservation guy and he also suggested king lake? Around king city let me know what you think or any secret spots to will be appreciated :)
    ya 6 of us went out last weekend did terrible around norton came back to beloit on private and got a few at least we saw some birds around beloit
    Good news: I just talked with Carol Durtschi at Pheasants Forever and she can save us a table at the main banquet on Saturday night (or the dinner on Friday night) as long as we have 10 paying customers.

    Here is what you need to do to RSVP your seat: Call Carol at p. (651) 209-4939 | f. (651) 773-5500 | Toll Free. 877-773-2070 .

    Have your Credit card ready to pay for whatever portion of weekends events you want to buy and tell her you are part of Chris Hitzeman - Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Group. If you have already sent in your aplication or paid online no problem just Call carol and mention that and also that you are part of the UPH group. In any case you have to call Carol and RSVP for the table and which night you will attend (and the lunch too). WE NEED 10 to get one reserved!!! Please also give her you UPH Forum User name.

    DEADLINE FOR BANQUET SIGN UP IS JAN. 31. Carol will keep the master list for the dinners and lunches so I will know who is going.
    wish i wouldve known i was getting sent home from work from st joe i woulve brung the dog and we would hav went to pony
    plenty windy today hope you guys had some luck man i dont feel good today im glad i didnt go, lots of year left i want to go for sure and we will bryan
    probably a little later with my trck being hit lets corner joe and go hunting out west that would be fun for a few days
    i am unemployed so anytime i like middle of week hunting as well but with my truck being hit by a deer may be a couple weeks now
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