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    Hi my name is Robert I am thinking of planning a quail hunting trip for next season. I am thinking northwest near Woodward. My question is do you know of a good place to stay other than a motel? I've look online and can't much. Any info would be helpful. Thank you Robert
    Should see my dog and what she's doing now.Found a place to get her on phez.She'll take point then look sideways at me then I tell her get and she flushs the bird for me when I'm ready. Dang thing is she did this on her own because I did not train her to do it.At home she goes nuts on the coons and when I get the gun and both of our vests she's ready for birds and that is all she goes for when we go.
    Okie, Chief's Dad is all Hustler, with Trekker on top and Bottom of his ped. Bleu is Hustler on the bottom of her ped, with Trekker's Brother DC Kurzhaar's Ruger v haven SH. On the top is Mosegaard dogs Rawhides Clown and Dixieland Rusty. I chose to breed on the Hustler line. Fits me better I think???? We will see!!!!!!
    If you want copies of what I have in the file, let me know and get me your mailing info. I'll go through the files and see if I can put this information in your hands.
    Okie, there are two problems with soybeans. First, as you already indicated, there is a protein in soybeans that prevents quail from digesting food. Much of the work on this discovery was done by Dr. Robel at KSU. Second, there is also a fungal toxin called T2 that can kill quail outright. Add into that the limited cover left post harvest, the fact much of the current soybean crops are roundup ready, meaning no weeds to add diversity, and you get a pretty unfavorable outlook anywhere soybeans are grown in large quantities. I have a lot of this research on file at the office. You might google Dr. Robert Robel and see what pops up.
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