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  • Hey upland I would like the email to inquire about the one year old gsp if its not already gone.
    Upland I noticed you have a photo of your daughter's first pheasant hunt. Well done! Is she still into hunting or was it just a one time thing?
    So you meaning missing upland hunting? Lol or just wanting to wine down and do your own waterfowling?
    I worked for someone else...was always on the road traveling and never had any free time what so ever...did shows around the country in the off season...NEVER got to hunt myself...I was always just filming. I'm hunting now more that I have ever in my life and loving every minute of it...lol
    I don't have any connection with landowners in the area of SE Nebraska. But I hunted there for years, and took my daughters there when they became hunters, I did pretty well down there. I didn't do much that 2 years there, but thru 2009, I did o.k. If you are interested I would make plans to go this fall. Do you have dogs? I like to go during the week days if I can, spend a few days, I have a camper we can use to cut the cost. I am coming from K.C. it's about 3 hours out to Pawnee City, around 2 hours up to Falls City. I had good luck between the two.
    Not as much as I'd like, but I do whenever I can. Between big game and upland, I get lazy I guess and do not hit the water enough.

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