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  • I am about to give up on the forum. My opinion is that upland bird hunting will disappear in our lifetime. It might be. The result will be the ruffed grouse, woodcock, and ducks who by nature are far away from man's greedy grasp. The ducks might make it because some early preservationists made it a priority in the 1930's. I wish the quail, pheasant, and prairie chicken had it so good. I tire of the debate here. I am on a blog about trespassing rights, trying to defeat the theory that ethanol is good policy!!!! I would jump in and support you on the land prices forum but I don't have the heart. Better note, I am going to be at close to Itasca State Park, Minnesota last week of July and first of August, and I would like to meet and have lunch or something, with a fellow pheasant member with my point of view. Maybe the only one! Pete Engelman
    For sure. 605-823-4345 you can reach me after dark or on Sundays. I'm already getting calls to start shooting coyotes so my weekends are getting a little busy as well. I always got some time to BS and hoist a beer or two.
    I would go myself. Depending on the weather. If it's cold, snowy and or windy. It could be tough. A nice sunny day you should find some birds. I have found them to be sitting pretty good. IMO, they are not as jumpy as earlier in the season. Good Luck

    If there is no or little snow up north after xmas my brother and I are thinking of going up to the cabin by Akley and going grouse hunting ( two dogs 1 wirehair and I have 1 of Uncle Buck's PP). We have never hunted grouse this late in the year before. Can we expect to see any birds and get close enough for a shot or is it a fools erand we would be going on? Maybe just a nice walk in the woods. If you have ant experience with hunting them this late in the year do you have any tips. Thanks

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