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  • QH,

    I saw your post regarding Geier gloves. What model did you choose? I need a glove for pheasant hunting and don't want anything big and bulky.


    Robert, You might want to take a look at the Braque du Bourbonnais from Lonn Kuck at Elk Run Kennel in Star, Idaho (west of Boise). Lonn used his dogs exclusively for chukar. I only hunt quail & pheasants, but my Hank is typical of the breed - Hank is 200# of heart & desire in a 48# frame. In addition to being extremely intelligent & throwing rock-solid points, he is an excellent retriever, every day companion, and well-behaved house dog. The short coat requires minimal maintenance & is low-shedding.

    Robert, feel free to bring your brother. I think it will be a hoot. We hunted in 80 degree weather and still saw a bunch of birds. I think it will get better as it gets coder. Too much marginal cover until the snow flies a couple of times.
    Will do Robert!
    They aren't liking me now. I have to get an elk here soon and I've never had a dog that liked big game hunting. Hopefully get that over with tomorrow.
    I added you my friend list, happily! I enjoy the brush busting springer quail hunters. I had to have "get right" with using flushers for quail. But after years of having pointing dogs, I got a big, ( oversized like 110 #) Lab, who loves pheasants and quail, ducks are just O.K., my next effort will probably be a springer. The flushers are better with spooky birds which are what's left! And without equal with pheasants. And a heck of a lot better house companions, which unfortunately more of the annual job.
    Hey there! I was just curious as to which breeders you get your springer pups from? Theyre all great looking dogs! Thanks
    Now your too funny. I better get started on dinner. I'm kinda in the doghouse a little. 5 days in sd late last week, 4 day's in sd late next week. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get to the duck blind for the opener this weekend. I am going to install a new front door with storm she's been wanting for about 5 years. Then i'll tell her I'm duck hunting on sunday.
    QH? Thanks for your comments. I've only (had the hell scared out of me) hunted when a covey of quail came up three times in my life. I flock shot two of them, and got one bird in the third...and this was more than 30 years ago. :)

    Dunno enough about hunting them to say the single would work for you. But...eight of the ten birds this season were gotten with a single, and six of those eight with the imp cylinder 25in 12ga single Win 370. It is so light and comes up so fast that it feels like I've gotten an edge in my shooting. Also, knowing I have ONE shot probably makes me a smarter hunter.

    I appreciate your comments. Thank you.


    Please pm me your cell phone #. I can't figure out how to post a Pic. FRom my out dated cell phone and if you don't mind, Ill send it to you and you could post it for me.


    more people, hunters, ought to have your attitude about their dogs, like it. those that toot their own horn do so cause nobody else will. game time coming up, just shoveled the walk
    I am fom Hanford, CA I saw that you are from the central valley and have a springer. I am trying to locate a springer pup. I am not familiar with any of the breeders. Do have any suggestions? If you could email me @ ryancking@pacbell.net I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks, Ryan
    welcome to the site hope you enjoy it i actually have sold dogs in ky dont remmember the parts or the peaple but they have sent me updates and they are very pleased with te dogs
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