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    Tough hunting

    I hunted three days by myself with my lab. Started in the Lincoln area and around Osborne. All walk in. Saw zero birds. Not even a hen. Moved west and started in Plainville. Not much better. Saw a few hens and 1 rooster. On that day ended up and stayed in Wakeeney. Met a couple hunters...
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    Is this Steve that lives in Kingwood Texas?

    Is this Steve that lives in Kingwood Texas?
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    Private Land Opportunity

    I have space for some additional hunters on private land north west of Faulkton. This is a paid hunt. This is not a commercial hunting operation but is managed to a degree for the groups that do have permission. In early Dec our group of 10 harvested 105 birds. Only three groups have...
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    Traction mats

    Headed to SD in two weeks and it has been plenty wet this year. Last report was secondary roads are pretty much impassable. I don't have a winch. Am looking for recommendation and reviews on good traction mats?
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    Hormone-responsive urinary incontinence

    If your dog has been treated for this I would like to hear about treatment. In particular using PPA. If you have been through this you will know the details so brevity I will not reiterate them here. Thanks for. Any help!
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    Hunting Light

    Headed to SW corner on Monday. Can someone please tell me what time shooting light begins this time of year.
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    Strained tendons

    My 10 month old has strained tendons in her wrist. Typical of the sporting dog she only has one gear and I cannot keep her drive down enough to give her time to heal. A long walk on a lead or long swims is just not enough exercise to keep her from driving us nuts during the day. I am looking...
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    My 8 month old lab has really bad car sickness. Starts drooling immediately and then eventually spits up. This is my third lab and never an issue with the first two. I have always had them in the back seat area of my pickup. We have only made short trips here and there and now I am reluctant...
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    Hays for three days

    I have managed to put together a decent group of 7 guys and two dogs. I am returning to Kansas after a 5 year hiatus. We will hunt Thur, Fri and Sat. this week. I actually got started about 25 years ago in Goodland and the surrounding area. The last five years has been mostly South Dakota...
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    Wpg enthusiasts

    So I am considering this breed as my next upland dog. I am a die hard lab guy but this breed has peaked my interest and that too of my wife. Because of the latter I am entertaining this breed. I am looking for honest feedback. It would be most helpful for a WPG owner who has lab experience...
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    ISO Information on LANKAS Labs out of Atwood Kansas

    Looking for any information or history on this breeder. I am in the market for a new puppy and they popped up in my research. Any input is appreciated.
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    Sully County SD Oct 30 - Nov 3

    Have read all the doom and gloom about the drought and bird numbers. That's not going to keep us from our annual SD hunting. We currently have a group of 5-6 scheduled for the above dates. Our ideal group is about 8-10. We will hunt mostly private land in and around Blunt and Gettysburg. We...
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    Older Lab Pain and stiffness prevention

    I have a nine year old lab. About 4 weeks from our annual trip to SD. We will hunt 5 days in a row. She stays in what I consider very good shape year round but we only get about 15-20 days in this field each pheasant season. I have noticed her getting a little ginger in her movements which I...
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    Private land week of dec 12

    I am heading back to SD the subject week. Hunted early Nov with a regular group. Most can't make the return trip. Myself and 1 other so far will be making the trip back. We have access to private land around Blunt and in Gettysburg. There is enough to give fresh hunting for 2 solid days. We...