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    Winchester 101 Field

    Anyone on here shoot a Winchester 101 Field? If you do what do you think of them? any issues? Thanks!
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    Anyone else counting days until the Grouse opener? :D
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    Anyone else get out and chase ptarmigan? Buddy and I got our limits. Would post pics but cant make the file small enough
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    Kit Carson County

    We out to Kit Carson county yesterday looking for deer sheds. Didnt see a sigle live pheasant but their tracks gave them away. What I did find was plenty of dead hens that looked like they were recents meal for coyotes :( Coyote track and crap was all over the place Tried calling but never...
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    FS-Magpul 30 round Pmags 5.56/223

    (4) Magpul 30 round Pmags w/window 5.56/223 130.00 shipped
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    Unposted Land

    Hey Gang, I know a lot of folks here have moved to Colorado from other States where unposted land is open to hunting, but that is not the case here. You have to have permission, posted or not I went deer hunting last week and had 4 different trucks full of pheasnt hunters pull into the field I...
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    Stratton area Pheasants

    I spent all day yesterday in the Stratton area north of the interstate and bird numbers are way down! :( Didnt see a whole lot of deer either which was my main reason for being out there. Anyone have any deer spots they want to share in GMU 109 dont be shy now
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    Son's 1st Hunt

    I took my 12 year old Son on his first hunt, and he bagged a limit of Duskies :10sign:
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    My wife's 1st Deer

    I took my wife down to the ranch and she bagged her 1st deer yesterday! It had to be one of the most exciting hunts I've ever been on!!!! ;)
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    Plains Elk Tag (FILLED)

    Filled my eastern plains elk tag yesterday. Took a turkey as well on the drive out :thumbsup:
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    Amazed at the lack of teal this year compared to normal and the abundance of Mallards & Honkers compared to most years. Could have easily shot limits of big ducks and geese!
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    Last hunt of the season

    My Son and I went out for an after church quail hunt to end our 2010/11 upland season. Great time with 13 Scaled Quail taken and a rabbit that was too close to his itchy trigger finger
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    Bobwhites & Habitat

    Just curious to know what kind of habitat you guys that have found bobwhites in are using? I've shot a few on accident while pheasant or goose hunting, but not enough to know what to really look for appreciate any advise you guys can offer Jason
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    Managed a few Today

    Got out with some buddies today. Birds are spooky and scattered. Need some Cold & Snow!~
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    My Sage Grouse Hunt

    Had a great Sage Grouse hunt this year. Hard to believe the season is already over LOL!