What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?


I've got 2 pairs of Danner Pronghorns....owned them since the early 2000's...one with 400 grams of insulation for late season, and an uninsulated pair for early season. They have been used hard but have held up over the years. They get treated with silicon spray regularly. I also have a pair of Irish Setter insulated Wingshooters that I like because of their comfortability.


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Going thru gear at seasons close and getting rid of some old boots. Realized that my favorite pair of ultra lite Meindl hunting boots Are getting worn. Contacted their office and they are upgrading this particular model next fall and are closing out the 400 and 800 insulated boots . The Un-insulated model is sold out. Google meindlusa if you have interest. I know I have some life left , this pair is 5-6 years old. We always need a back up for rotation . They are the best I’ve used


Dustin mudd, thanks for the tip! I got on the Meindl site and ordered a pair of ultra lights on Friday and received the yesterday


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I pretty much wear everthing keen, from steel toes for work to cold weather hunting to upland fields. They are extremely lightweight and waterproof. I use Keen Detroits non steel toe for all my bird hunting. My son wore Keen Summits this past trip to SD. Early season hunting i wear a variety of Keen hiking boots. They all come with a 1 year warranty and if anything goes wrong they will provide you with a voucher for the value of the boot you purchased. In my opinion they are great boots.

2nd on Keen. I use Havocs some of the time but my go to boot are Keen Targhee IIs. Light and durable. I was at Cabelas last night and see they make that boot in a water proof model. That will be my next purchase. I’m gonna elk hunt this fall and they will get a workout.