What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?


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I ordered a pair of the Russell Signature South 40's in early fall last year, got them right before Christmas, they were just north of $550. The right foot feels awesome after a full day of hunting. The left foot has a couple of 'hot' spots that I need to have them adjust, but overall, I like them a lot.

My wife had got me a gift certificate for them a few years ago, I finally got around to ordering them. In the ordering process, I did a lot of google searches, people either love them or hate them. I'd read some reviews of their quality and attention to detail slipping. I ordered their standard Signature South 40 with no modifications other than my custom sizing. I haven't brought it to their attention, but the soles of the boots I ordered are not the soles of the boots on their webpage. They sent me a more 'comfort' oriented, smoother sole, than the standard on that boot.

I don't know if I'm mad or happy about it. Just kind of goes with some of the reviews I've read about their lack of attention to detail.

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The last pair of boots I bought for pheasant hunting is a pair of 8 in. Irish Setter Vaprtreks, the uninsulated ones. I also got a nice pair of wool upland socks at the same time, at Scheels. Best money I've ever spent. The first time I wore them, they were on my feet for about 13 hours, and my feet were super comfortable.


Guess I would have to change th question a little—there is no prefect boot for all season-
However —JMO BUT —I believe for a best all around-fair priced boot—it would be the Danner Pronghorn-or the Browning Kangaroo-if you could still get them-I’m hoarding last couple pair

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I wear Danner Sharptails,
Good boot for the money.
No break-in. For me. Buy them put them on and go hunting. As always your mileage may vary.


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My wife totally caught me off guard on our 25th Anniversary. I opened up a box only to pull out some Kenetreks. I reluctantly took them off to go to bed but wanted to see a 26th Anniversary. I can't wait to get into the field with them.


I have 2 pairs of go to upland boots. Wet and snow, Lacrosse Grange, mostly dry, Cabela's kangaroo leather. I'm fortunate as my feet don't get cold easily and if they do I get in the truck and warm them.

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I really found the boot for me in the Cabela's Meindls...good fit on my flat and long feet, and good ankle support. Of course, it doesn't look as tho Cabela's is offering them any more. But, I see Meindl's has a presences in Sidney NE. Prices for similar style are higher, but I'll pay the price for boots that work for me.