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sure enjoy your pictures and posts. have a dog box just like yours and have had it for years. have been hunting my pups some but sure miss my good old dogs. just got back from ok panhandle and lots of quail and some pheasants too my young dogs have lots to learn but the best way for them to learn is take them hunting. have been hunting in mo some few quail but having some luck occasionally.
I made it out last weekend and did pretty well. Managed to bag 4 quail out of 3 different coveys. One of the coveys was HUGE. I couldn't believe how loud it was when they took off and then the number I saw. The dog probably had one of the greatest, if not the greatest, hunt he has ever had. I was really proud of him. I managed to see around 8 pheasant, which surprised me, but was unable to bag one as most flushed wild. You'll understand why when you see my other hunting partners. I knew I was in trouble after walking around 100 yards as they were enjoying crushing ice, lol. My daughter as hunted with me before, but her friend has never done anything like it. They had a blast just walking with me.
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Pretty good weekend in NW Missouri with my son and two labs. We managed to get two roosters and two quail. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!
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Got to go out this past weekend with a fellow forum member who I have hunted with in other states but not missouri. Well, I guess we dove hunted once but that don't count. We had great weather but a little warm for bird weather. We did end up seeing enough birds to keep us busy and interested. Got a few quail both days and a rooster on the second. And a few bonus bunnies here and there when the dogs weren't looking!! My old dog hunted well but my young ones struggled a little this weekend. Not as sharp as usual and weather played a part in the afternoon as far as stamina goes. Either way I had a good time and even brought home some delicious smoked salmon from the trip. Most have gotten more snow in the area we were. There was none at home but some left the further north you drive. But it was melting quickly in the 55 degree weather.
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Got out this Sunday and hit the first MRAP property of the year and for the second time since the program started. I wasn't overly thrilled as I was driving there because there wasn't enough continuous CRP in the area for it to hold pheasant (imo). That quickly changed as I completed the card walked about 20 yards and put up a massive covey. I was able to pick a couple off before running into another covey on the edge of the property. I then hit up some MDC property and saw some smaller coveys that I let live for another day. I did run into a nice rooster pheasant that I cleaned missed. I started off hot on the pheasant this year with 5 the first 3 days out, but gone stone cold. I'm not seeing them as much and the ones I see I'm missing. I guess I'm getting too excited....

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Until next time!
I got out today for about an hour after work. Saw birds, could have done a little better but I started getting the phone out for pics. You know when your dog goes on point and you should probably go on the other side of the thicket to have a cleaner shot but you chose the other side for a better picture instead? Well that happened a couple of times but oh well. My little setter after some reinforcement last night did a much better job of honoring and holding it till released. I usually don't get that picky with my own dogs but she has been getting to close to the other dogs on point and bumped a couple last weekend. I try not to make dogs honor on command, hope they do it on their own. My others did with time but she has proven difficult. But did great today, made a great water retrieve as well.
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Then there is my old dog putting on a clinic like she has all year.
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That old dog is crafty and serious! She is just plain fun to watch. You need to start using that other gun, it's more challenging for you.
I made it out last night. My son has been itching to go for the first time, so I figured let’s give it a run. We hit one of my favorite spots. Honest to goodness we walk 40 yards and Jasper locks up hard. I’m thinking no way as my son slammed the car door and talked way too loud in the parking lot. He breaks point runs 10 yards and locks back up. At this point I’m telling him to get over here to get lined up and the next thing I hear are wings. I turn around and there are 2 rooster pheasant splitting up in mid-air. I look to my son and see says shoot it dad. At that point it was a little out there but rang a shot off to no avail. Later on in the evening Jasper locks up again. I send my son up and boom! He was introduced to the bobwhite quail. He was frozen by the sheer numbers! Not a trigger pull. Finally as we were working a field edge Jasper locked up on a nice pheasan. It took off and I sat there in disbelief on how long it took him to mount that gun, but he rang off a shot and missed. I was proud of him. He took his time as I taught, but that bird was a lot faster than a clay bird. At that point I told him ok dad’s shooting now, lol. I managed to get another rooster up which I promptly folded and then literally again 30 yards from the car we put up a nice covey which I took one bird from. It was a great day!
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