Pics from the Weekend


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Cool hunt! Missouri is on my to do list. Would love to
get a rooster there. Kinda a goal of mine , to get a rooster from all the mid west states in the pheasant range. Good to see a youngster out too!!


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I recognized the area from the pics as I live close. I haven’t hunted it this year but knew of the birds there as it’s kind of a out of the way place that gets pressure from deer hunters.Glad you had a good hunt !
Have been out a few times over the holidays. Been finding quail in obvious spots still. Pheasants are a bit of a bonus for me this year, when I find em it seems like there are a bunch but very spooky and I have to rely on a couple of dummies to hang around. The weather has been playing a huge part as it was much warmer through December and January so far than the oddly cold November we had. Either way been having success and have hunted quite a few new areas this year. One week left!

Chrismas Eve in the bottoms
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