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  • Hey man, I saw your post from a few years back on hunting sage grouse. I am wanting to scratch a boomer off my bucket list this year. I am from Kentucky and like you I am
    Going out there blind as a bat. Just wondering how the dogs feet held up and if you have any pointers for a Kentucky greenhorn. I can reciprocate in the form of hun and sharptail spots in Montana. Or pratie chicken, sharptail and phez. Spots in Nebraska. I take three trips per year out west, and have made friends far and wide. Thanks for any help
    In advance.
    I know this is late but I just realized you sent this message. Did you go'? How did you do?
    Look for CRP cover close to grain , wheat or milo. Be very quiet. No beepers , no yelling at the dogs etc.... Split up and work towards each other , you can push birds to each other doing this. For quail , hunt the woody cover (if it looks like a good woody creek bed , hunt it). Good luck. Wher in ks will you be hunting?
    esetter I am planning a trip to Kansas next week. I will be by myself, I do have a friend in Manhattan KS that would like to hunt some. Do you have any advice?
    You are very welcome, I hope you have a great hunt. Your going to the perfect place on earth to get into them.
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