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  • Goldenboy, Iam from Mo but most of the guys are from Ill .Some of the areas are big but 6 can hunt most with no trouble. We had 3 labs and I have 2 English pointers that are foot hunting dogs not big runners. Most all the land to hunt is north of miller and the place you stay is in Miller its self. The farmers whos place this is does a good job of showing you where you can hunt. My only concern would be the birds have been hunted for 9 weeks and even when we were there were getting much wilder but such i s the nature of pheasants. I have hunted here for two years and the Ill guys for four years and the birds numbers have always been good. On Uguide hunts you hunt for 3days and for 4 days the birds are left alone and this seems to help the birds come back to the fields.

    Thanks for the response to the week 10 hunt. Where are you from? You had 11 guys in your group. Is some of the hunting big pieces that might be difficult with 6 guys? How many dogs did your group have? Any other info ypuo can give me would be great. Where is this place located from Miller SD?
    Hi Jimmy,

    Sorry for the late response. I haven't got on here lately. My wife was involved in a terrible accident. I am not going to be able to make it this year as a result. I'm truly sorry.

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